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(my Hero) A Story - Poem by Walter Burlock

When I was a little kid about 7 or 8 years old there was this girl. She was a lot older then me. She took care of me when my foster mother and father had a break. She was really caring and polite. I was really fussy but she got me what ever I needed. She showed me there is good out there. So I tried being like her. There was one time she let me steer her car, she still had control of the gas and the brake, I thought it was the coolest thing. When I grew up I noticed when you had no control over anything, you can have control for just a little at a time. You start to know your mistakes. When I was steering that car I was swerving, but I had her to correct my mistakes. Her correcting them for me while I was by her side, I learned it a lot faster then I would of on my own. Now we aren't that close to each other, and I started to forget what she taught me that one day. I didn't like how I was treating other people and I thought about stuff to be a better person. I thought and thought about it and I remembered what she did for me. I was changing a little at a time. There was a lot more then what I wrote in this story. I don't know how to thank her, maybe this story will do more than I think. Thank You for being my hero.

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Hero Poems

  1. Not A Prince, But A Hero Nonetheless

    i caught a frog and put him in a fishbowl and said, 'now you know how i feel.' and he swam to the bottom and drowned himself.

  2. A True Hero

    Fighting for this great land In a far off place To fight for the freedom of all In a war in a country not your own So many wars So many lost Yet we love you all Even the ones that are gone Our brave heroes fought to make us our own country They fought each other when slavery was an issue They even fought for Texas and The Alamo World War I Had to go put things to rest in Germany World War II The need to fight back May all the souls in Pearl Harbor Rest In Eternal Peace Fixed our problems with Japan and righted things in Germany Vietnam our saddest war Why did so many have to die Vietcong hiding everywhere making it hard to survive Now there is a wall for our fallen brethren there Fallen and survivors Several disrespected at first Now honor given to all from our saddest war Korea oh Korea We tried to keep you united We did our best Now we can see you slowly mingle again Persian Gulf The first time to fight Iraq We managed to save what we could We put the fires out in Kuwait Now we are in Operation Freedom and the hunt for Osama binladen and his men We have lost so many Yet we keep helping them The heroes of today taking after the heroes of yesterday So this is my tribute To honor all the heroes that are and have been in uniform Thank you To the true heroes The United States Military (Dedicated to the US Airforce, Navy, Marines, Army Vets and current soldiers. We all love and appreciate you.)

  3. ~my Hero

    ☼ This poem is in the memory of my great-grandmother who gave me nothing but good memories. If anyone was ever a hero of mine, it would’ve been her. She always had a smile and hug for me. Even in her last few weeks she always gave me the strength that I needed. Feeling the wind brush my cheek The warm sun settling on my skin Where could you be? Sometimes in the wind I hear you speak Every time my tears fill to the brim Can you hear me? Every night I count the stars Remembering everything I can about you Are you truly watching over me? Ever since you died it seems, you have so far Am I everything you’d thought I’d be? Please tell me you’re not disappointed in what you see... I’d give anything to be by your side right now. To see your simple smile To feel the soft touch of your hand And know that you love me too In your eyes I see my own A talent of yours I have Though very few memories of you I have I hold each one with pride Just as I do for your artwork All of which hang on my wall Presented for all Grandma I miss you July 4th,2009

  4. Sorrow Makes One A Hero Tomorrow

    Without sorrow life is zero We must accept fate's arrow If our efforts are thorough Our sorrow, God will borrow Sorrows nicely shape our mind Sorrows stop our being blind Via sorrows, remedies we find Sorrows are indirectly kind In the absence of sorrow Our mind does not grow We think not like a hero Our attitude is made narrow Sorrows must be overcome For which efforts we welcome At last strong we become This is sorrows' outcome Our will-power, sorrows increase To our heart, sorrows supply grease Our talents, only sorrows release In a gist, sorrows supply peace Every sorrow at last dies Not because of our cries But because our soul tries Life and success, sorrow ties Sorrow less person is none Sorrow is sure, if life has begun 'Sorrow trains brains' is a slogan Sorrow is a tamable dragon In sorrow, all must dip By coming under its grip All are lashed by sorrow's whip To every life, sorrow makes a trip Now sorrow will somehow vanish But you cannot fully relinquish Further sorrows, time will furnish From life, sorrow, none can banish Life and sorrow are closely associated By life, sorrow is very much fascinated By sorrow, peace is initially confiscated Sorrow grows when life is sophisticated.

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