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Hope Is Good Thing To Hope. - Poem by Kristina Riggs

I hope my family get a long like they use too
I hope God finds away to bring my brother
back from drugs
I hope my father stays in my life and don't
take off life he did before when I was a baby
I hope before I am 30 years old I be marriage
and have family like my friends do
I hope my dreams I want out of life comes true
I hope me wanting to hope is not dumb
I hope is right thing to do in life
I hope I get in to college
I hope my mom finds good guy beside
I hope who I am with doesn't hurt me
or break my heart like guys did with
my mom
I hope my brother leaves this girl that
keep him away from his family
I hope Amber will always be my best friend
I hope Rusty doesn't every leave me
I hope God helps find away for us
to be together me and Rusty
I hope my family is happy
I hope my friends are happy and thankful
for what they have in life
I hope when Jennifer gets marriager it doesn't
be life her last one ended bad
I hope everyone learns how good is to hope
and pray for things you need.
I hope everyone thankful and glad to be here
in this world.

Comments about Hope Is Good Thing To Hope. by Kristina Riggs

  • Silver Star - 4,263 Points Navod Dilhara (2/7/2020 2:37:00 AM)

    Great piece of work.Thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

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  • Gold Star - 15,796 Points Adeeb Alfateh (6/12/2019 6:18:00 AM)

    hope for

    o happiness
    where are you

    no no no
    just dreamy view!

    great poem

    great 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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  • Gold Star - 700,591 Points Edward Kofi Louis (3/11/2015 4:28:00 AM)

    Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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  • Rookie Jenny Park (6/3/2009 6:51:00 PM)

    Kristina YOUR POEM really is really good I hope u cud write a poem for my first true love (Report) Reply

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  1. Hope Deferred

    When the weary night is fled, And the morning sky is red, Then my heart doth rise and say, `Surely she will come to-day.' In the golden blaze of noon, `Surely she is coming soon.' In the twilight, `Will she come?' Then my heart with fear is dumb. When the night wind in the trees Plays its mournful melodies, Then I know my trust is vain, And she will not come again.

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    Power's a cheat, success but trying, Even pleasure bears a sting; Still ’tis useless, useless sighing, Rather list to Hope replying— “The flowers must come again with spring; And in the trampled way we re going Streams of comfort yet are flowing— Hark! I hear them murmuring.” Fame’s a liar in the nation! Love hath oft a wayward wing; Still, hence seek not for occasion To impugn Hope’s sweet persuasion— “The flowers will come again with spring; And in the world-wide way we re going Streams of pure good yet are flowing— Hark! I hear them murmuring.” Friendship turns, itself denying Even Truth the heart may wring; Still, though trust be daily dying, Listen still to Hope replying— “The flowers will come again with spring: And in the blasted way we re going There’s yet one healing current flowing— Hark! I hear it murmuring.”

  3. Hope

    I'm writing you this poem, For you being you, I'm writing you this poem, Because I wanted to. I'm writing you this poem, Cause I thought of you, I'm writing you this poem, For the wonderful things you do. You have taught me right from wrong, You taught me how to love and praise, You taught me how to be hopeful, And now to be amazed. Now it's my turn, to be like you, To follow God, and look up to.

  4. Seamstress Of Hope

    Angel of hope come to me Mend my heart with golden thread Weave your healing all around In and out through my soul Patches of love to cover the void Made from the finest in the land Tenderly spin me a new dream One of love and hope in between Cradle my heart In finest silk Softly and sensual to the touch But strong for many years of wear Show me with pride Give me to one who will cherish A slightly used but still useful heart One that will keep them warm with love forever more

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