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Teachers, Of Life, Or Teachers In Life. - Poem by Michael Gale

Teachers are special, they enable...
Teachers are speakers to adults predestined in life.
Teachers are single or married...
Teachers can be, a husband or wife.
Teachers are specially able.
Some men teachers smoke pipes branded 'Dr. Grabel'.
I had a Foster Mother, who earlier in life, was a teacher.
It was a most erred way to end the life under God's own nose...
T'was breast cancer, that God gave to loving families of many women,
as His last lonely unacceptable unwanted answer.
Disease does not be easily accepted or does it happly please...
Teachers in life should always get pay raises.
Teachers, Police, and Firemen, always need pay raises and also much
and many people's praises. Teachers, they are the best...
Teachers, they hand out many a test. Teachers, ya gotta love them, than most of the rest.

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  1. Life After Life

    'Moner manush aslo kachhe Tare dhorline tui jadaye....' You didn’t embrace the beloved Who came in your warm reach To meet you many storms he braved But why did your heart breach? He came to illumine you In the abyss of murky dark What your mind went through To push him away so stark? Life after life he seeks your heart Deeper and deeper he lands Only the “Lover” knows him smart For millennia long he stands ***************Translated from original Bengali poem***************

  2. Life...After Life

    They took your mortal remains and placed them gently beneath a flowered covered grave. Time and again I returned there...begging you to speak once more. I would speak to you from sunrise, until a howling wolf could be heard in the black of night. Each time I left...blinded by tears and pained by anguish. This night, as I approached our home... silhouetted against a hazy moon, I stopped. There on the wooded path, stood a deer ..seemingly frozen in the soft moonlight. Its eyes locked with mine. Not a sound broke the stillness as we both stood motionless. Slowly...the blanket of night wrapped me in a peaceful feeling. Almost involuntary, a soft gentle voice broke the eerie I spoke to the deer. ' can not be. Is it you? The deer moved not... as it continued to stare back in my direction. A voice... in the deepest part of my being...spoke a muted response. ' is I. I have not died. I am now a part of all that is His. I am the deer. I am the flower...and the dew on the grass. I am the single ray of sunshine, that jets though a slate gray sky. I am a childs tears, a mothers joy and a fathers pride. I am the roar of the ocean...the power of the sea and the love in your heart. I am the sounds in the night that you can not see...but always hear. I am the music of the stars and the voice of the angels. I am the eagle that soars and the white on a snow capped mountain. I am the air that you breath and the memories so dear. I am the spirit of peace and I am the spirit of hope. I am all these things...and more. I am love. I did not die.' Tears streamed down my the deer moved toward me. Now inches from me...the eyes filled with love...the voice within me, spoke once again... 'I am love...Love does not die...I did not die.' The deer, brushed gently past me and moved slowly...silently...disappearing into the woods. I know. 'Some of us die...Some of us do not.' © Joe Fazio

  3. Love Love Life Life - Senryu

    in the love's blanket our body melts together to give a new life

  4. Life Is No Life Here

    Life is no life Tuesday,12th March 2019 I feel no different when present about Almighty's (Allah's)world something new unfolds it comes out in the form of verses and I make no miss look at the stars in the sky and weave it nicely with an earnest try I am always thankful for making me faithful to the cause of poetry and sing it or present it wonderfully I see it as an opportunity to sing and praise His name in the name of humanity to grant us blessings and make us well human beings I shall continue to sing and try to bring the good name for mankind and always find the place in their heart life is no life if we run away from the torn strife I shall remain among poor and never harbor an ill wish for the neighbor Hasmukh Mehta Dedicated to Ayub Kha

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