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Ph: Mentor: My Uncle Ardean's Lost Chords - Poem by Brian Johnston

There's a story I heard of a famous lost chord,

although why it was lost and just who did the losing,

true or not, perhaps no one can tell,

But piano pursuit served me well as a child

as I followed my dream of harmonic reward.

Missing chord by itself could bring fame to my door,

no real talent required, just let luck do the choosing.

Crystal tones could my future foretell,

and might somehow bring fortune with demons beguiled,

find this chord and I'm famous like world troubadour.

What I learned from this I must now share from the heart:

I was three when I found Ardean's stash in mom's closet,

older classical records, and more.

There was Love For Three Oranges, Suite Scheherazade,

and the Firebird Ballet blew my whole world apart.

Through his gift I discovered that music is dance,

an emotional language that lives as composite,

an intelligence melting your core,

has a soul that can play your heart's strings like a God!

How I tremble to think this could be happenstance!

Still a chord unremembered might be anything,

I think I see now where my poem is going:

A lost chord's like a glass without wine,

precious stone that has yet to be set in a band.

Well, a chord in a symphony really can sing.

It is only in context the best chords ring true

with their blessings of harmony wisely bestowing

both a peace and a rapture divine,

as a gem is at home on a receptive hand.

Ardean fell in the forest, God heard, I did too!

Comments about Ph: Mentor: My Uncle Ardean's Lost Chords by Brian Johnston

  • Gold Star - 162,958 Points Valsa George (5/7/2015 2:22:00 AM)

    Through your gift I discovered that music is dance
    An emotional language that lives as composite
    An intelligence melting your core
    And a harpist that plays your heart’s strings like a God,
    How I shudder to think this was all happenstance.

    Beautiful lines!
    Yes, a gift received sometimes becomes a turning point in life! So I understand that there is music in your genes! Enjoyed your poem! (Report) Reply

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    0 person did not like.
  • Gold Star - 117,977 Points Bri Edwards (5/5/2015 1:04:00 PM)

    [some old and some new comments]

    ok, i read it. and i found no typos! ! yay! of course i am super-limited in music ability and knowledge. a 'chord'? ? spinal or electric?
    i CAN play happy birthday on the piano, but i only learned it a few years ago. i don't read music (without much struggle while learning HB and two other short songs i have 'forgotten' due to lack of practice): HB is good enough for me!

    i DID take a music appreciation course in high school. that's where i was when i heard of JFK's shooting.

    bri :) you are lucky to have music in your life and a talent for it. but you KNOW that.

    p.s. i just read L's comment. i agree about the 'superb structure', if by that she means the rhyme scheme, even though the rhymes are too far apart to impact ME much.

    are you still looking for the chord? ? check under the bed. (Report) Reply

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  • Gold Star - 16,957 Points Lorraine Colon (5/3/2015 3:58:00 PM)

    Very nice poem, Brian. Music, one of my favorite subjects, written about in a delightfully sentimental manner. I admire the superb structure of your poem, no easy feat. (Report) Reply

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