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The Easy Mentor - Poem by Dela Bobobee

Like a flock in need of a shepherd
languishing on vagaries of life
open to attacks of predators
from all flanks a sitting duck
like the rudderless ship in tumult
tossed by the angry waves
wishing for futile serene moor
my people are like a hunting dog
that turns a deaf ear to its owner’s whistle
lost in the wilderness of inhumanity
becomes the haunted by vicissitudes

I am the easy mentor’s hoarse voice
like the tinny squirrel's teeth
that break the riddle of the kernel
come to me, sit down let’s reason
tear stained cheeks suckled sighs
a place in my bosom your recess
as the fearless shepherd boy hunt
with powers from above entrenched
a lion and a bear is equalled to a Goliath
seeking not yet repose in complacency
I come to rouse, funnel your hopes
that sprout on the stubborn rubrics
which made my kinsmen foragers
to nurture where society ransacked
to develop where greed underdeveloped
to bring succour to the down trodden
to beam a ray that has been prophesied
in the dark vestiges of resignation
where ignorance was once bliss
when the will yield followership thrive
when every one is an island of integrity
where conscience signposts our dual paths
there I will soon lay my life for you.

Written by
Dela Bobobee©

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