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Sing A Song Of Sixth Sense Mad Off Course - Murder Goose Rhymes - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN


Sing sin's song of sixth sense, fink senators debating
unthinkingly of budget cuts, sink U.S. credit rating,
'n lies' between the 'lines' are seen with House and Senate fighting
while unemployed face winter cold, cold feet drag, Jack frost biting.

Four and twenty blackbirds from sky to pie swift falling,
men saw in Arkansas, elsewhere, bare facts scare were appalling,
upon the cusp Aquarian new age shows signs eroding
with governments across the globe progressively imploding.

Inflation's shadow grows apace, as tax cuts cut employment,
while talibans' attacks are answered - pullback redeployment,
nonsense world whirled as unfurled is future fate's implosion,
as blatant contradictions blow - soon G.O.P. explosion
will open evidence afford beyond the Kingdom Denmark
that something rotten's rolling stone - no candyfloss in ballpark -
no moss may gather as the world turns topsy-turvy spinning
with Gulliver in Lapata's Academy loss winning.

Multinational eggplants yoking humankind
led merry maypole goal dance prehensile non-aligned,
when humpty-dumpty causeway was crossed by bossy bears
namby-pamby Daddy Dow went stumbling down the stairs.

Harmonics multimodal, soap-opera crescendo,
unwinds dingbatty attitude advisers apprehendo,
though silly season willy-nilly spills baked beans on breadline
undertaking baking powder chowder readers red line.

Fuddy-duddy Fannie Mae haphazardly foreclosing
found Freddie Mac unsound and flat-on-back no sense proposing,
as oil recoiled blarney trefoil enchantingly unreachable
jabberwocky Chaney stabbed chained 'scooter', unimpeachable

Against the grainy libby_ration over understanding
a robbing hood good riddance pittance should be countermanding,
chainletters better expedite supercallifragile_realistic
witty ditty's pitiful room-service pugilistic.

From ice-age meltdown through freefall see mercury arising
Hyperion's coach-and-four from rail failsafe caved in surprising
Lehman's brother's leman's mother usually delightful
as shaving foam extinguished fame - 'twas positively frightful

Alaskan Palin failing fathoms five beneath Alaska
controversy no stranger danger daughter seemed - all ask her
for automobile autograph - she graphically contriteful
big mac govern awe's GMen string slipped pip-pipped tight-lipped spiteful.

Bear stern in turn returned to base, struck out by bye-bye ball game,
bull rearguard hammered hard by will-o-wisp fly-by-night hall of flame,
when burning Bush 'I ran' sung, wrung error's terror wrists,
what jeepers-creepers asinine free-flight fight came to fists?

Obama banner hammerhead shark lark sparked helter-skelter
mumbo-jumbo crisis miss mismanagement tax shelter
unmanning mad off course of course, as politicians plucky
pulled rabbit hat ten trillion bucks in style happy-go-lucky.

As unemployment double jumped from model runway soaring,
September's solstice embers stored statistics bubble boring,
sixth sense implies that summer rise waits fall's discomfort zone,
we'll doubletake time's themes prepare scheme's second-thought wishbone tone.

Warren Buffet's Muffet missed sitting on her tuffet,
Jack Horner tried to corner plums, in future he must rough it,
King's counting house, Queen's parlor, are missing honey money
for global speculation is discovered on the runny.

Catch 22 then toodeloo imagination's forté
fait accompli tee hee says hee seems fine for over forty,
polysyllabic rhetoric quicksilver conversation
linguistic highjinks jinx translates to teenage education.

Caterwauling cock-a-hoop, tuxedo troop atrocious
an omnibus adventure planned, canned headstrong band precocious,
rampaging bull in China store tries paging Beijing peeking
at soporific sibyls both back-pedalling, soft-speaking.

Objectively this ramble scrambles eggs, a-pulling legs begs
forgiveness for mixed metaphor before fast on its last legs,
eccentric verses self-contained, homemaiden's harmless frolic,
work just a while ere unjust trial turns tea total alcoholic.

Serendipity may witty city zen discover
if Serenghetti lioness miss taken is as lover,
but whether tether holds for bold or staggers hook-line-sinker
depends upon undress rehearsal's universal thinker.

So here godsend, as round the bend, we wend way, weigh wey, custard,
with four-and-twenty blackbird herd, unheard of stirred with mustard,
king-kong's in klong, all-clear appears, jeers end, cheers send solution,
call for clear rhyme not phantom mime, re_versing convolution.

22 September 2009 first three verses added 14 February 2010
robi3_1924_NRss1_0001 PWX_IJM
Parody Nursery Rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence


Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye,
Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened the birds began to sing,
Oh wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the king?
The king was in his counting house counting out his money,
The queen was in the parlour eating bread and honey
The maid was in the garden hanging out the clothes,
When down came a blackbird and pecked off her nose!

Nursery Rhyme Author Unknown pseud NR Sing a Song of Sixpence

pseud NR Sing a Song of Sixpence NRss01_0001_NRss01_0000

Sing a song of foolishness, laughing stocks and cranks!
The more there are the merrier; come join the ranks!
Life is dry and stupid; whoop her up a bit!
Donkeys live in clover; bray and throw a fit!

Take yourself in earnest, never stop to think,
Strut and swagger boldly, dress in red and pink;
Prate of stuff and nonsense, get yourself abused;
Some one's got to play the fool to keep the crowd amused!

Bully for the idiot! Bully for the guy!
You could be a prig yourself, if you would only try!
Altruistic asses keep the fun alive;
Clowns are growing scarcer; hurry and arrive!

I seen a crazy critic a-writin' of a screed;
'Tendencies' and 'Unities' - Maeterlinck indeed!
He wore a paper collar, and his tie was up behind;
If that's the test of Culture, then I'm glad I'm not refined!

Let me laugh at you, then you can laugh at me;
Then we'll josh together everything we see;
Every one's a nincompoop to another's view;
Laughter makes the sun shine! Roop-de-doodle-doo!

Gelett BURGESS 1866_1951
Parody Nursery Rhymes Sing a Song of Sixpence

burg01_0011_NRss01_0000 PWX_MXX

Sing a song of spillage
A tanker's fouled the shore;
Four and twenty blackbirds -
They were white before, -
When the slick was syphoned
Some slime was sucked for sure,
But what remained no aid fund
could adequately insure!

Frank JACOBS Amended 23 July 2001 JR
Parody Sing a Song of Sixpence

Sing a song of Jingo
(Chorus, fife and drum) .
Twenty thousand Arabs
Sent to kingdom come.
When the trouble's over
And glory's cup is full,
There'll be a pretty butcher's bill
To lay before John Bull.

Bondholders in the City
Are passing sleepless nights,
The Arabs in the Soudan
Are fighting for their rights.
The whole affair's a muddle
That daily thicker grows,
Why we e'er went into it
Is what nobody knows.
Author Unknown Parody NR Sing a Song of Sixpence
pseud H.B. c.1875

pseud H.B. PShb01_0001_NRss01_0000 PXX_JXX

I sing a song of sixpence, and of rye
A pocketful - recalling, sad to state,
The niggardly emoluments which I
Receive as Laureate:

Also I sing of blackbirds - in the mart
At four-a-penniy. Thus, in other words,
The sixpence which I mentioned at the start
Puchased two dozen birds.

So four-and-twenty birds were deftly hid -
Or shall we say, were skilfully concealed? -
Within the pie-dish. When they raised the lid
What melody forth pealed:

Now I like four-and-twenty blackbirds sing,
With all their sweetness, all their rapture keen;
And isn't this a pretty little thing
To set before the Queen?

The money-counting monarch - morbid man; -
His wife, who robbed the little busy bees,
I disregard. In fact a poet can
But pity folks like these.

The maid was in the garden. Happy maid!
Her choice entitles her to rank above
Master and Mistress. Gladly she surveyed
The Garden that I love!

- Where grow my daffodils, anemones,
Tulips, auriculas, chrysanthemums,
Cabbages, asparagus, sweet peas,
With apples, pears, and plums. -

(That's a parenthesis. The very name
Of ‘garden' really carries one astray :)
But suddenly a feathered ruffian came
And stole her nose away.

Eight stanzas finished; So my Court costume
I lay aside: the Laureate, I suppose,
Has done his part; the man may now resume
His journalistic prose.

Anthony Charles DEANE 1870_1946
Parody NR Sing a Song of Sixpence and Alfred Austen
DEANE Anthony Charles 1870_1946 dean02_0003_NRss01_0000 PXX_JXX

Sing a song of dynamite -
What a mighty scare:
A London railway-station
In pieces in the air.
Bags and pistols, clockwork,
Nasty cakes of brown -
Weren't they dainty dishes
To find about our town?

Government and railway folks
Didn't think it funny;
They to find the plotters
Offered lots of money.
Perhaps across the sea they've gone,
In other suits of clothes;
Perhaps they're living quietly
Right under London's Nose.

Author Unknown Parody NR Sing a Song of Sixpence
pseud Jane JONES The Weekly Dispatch 13 April 1884

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