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Woru Sulyman poet Me by Woru Sulyman Veteran Poet - 1,123 Points
I tried my home Only I was called to come To stay and cease to be free Just as water held in bree I turned to friends Only I mirrored, their own woes
Robert Murray Smith poet Spinning Out Of Control by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 163,181 Points
When a flower greets the
Matt Mooney poet The Countryman by Matt Mooney Freshman - 696 Points
He stood there as I passed,
His carrier bags beside him,
Luo Zhihai poet Mountaintop by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 121,129 Points
Mountaintop is tall, but the footsteps on it
Though ink stone small, dragons and snake live in it
Day Williams poet Open Your Heart by Day Williams Veteran Poet - 1,582 Points
Take my advice
And you will win:
Robert Murray Smith poet No Date With Fate by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 163,181 Points
Have we yet discovered a
Woru Sulyman poet Love Me Another Day by Woru Sulyman Veteran Poet - 1,123 Points
It's obvious that you really care
And I don't mean to be a scare
Day Williams poet Names Of Jesus by Day Williams Veteran Poet - 1,582 Points
He's Alpha and Omega, First and Last,
The Blessed and only Ruler, Unsurpassed,
Robert Murray Smith poet Digesting A Poem by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 163,181 Points
Give me a poem to chew on
Timothy Steele poet A Shore by Timothy Steele
It's pastoral enough - the flat, slick sand;
The towel draped round the neck, as if a yoke;
Timothy Steele poet Pacific Rim by Timothy Steele
Unsteadily, I stand against the wash
Flooding in, climbing thigh, waist, rib cage. Turning,
Hasmukh Amathalal poet We Speak by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 358,132 Points
We speak
Let India regain past
Timothy Steele poet Past, Present Future by Timothy Steele
Coming out of the local corner market,
I hear a screech of tires from the intersection.
Timothy Steele poet Luck by Timothy Steele
If we could be persuaded that luck is just
A species of good fortune which springs from chance,
Timothy Steele poet Georgics by Timothy Steele
The heavy Holsteins, patterned white and black,
The milder Jerseys, in fawn-colored coats,
Timothy Steele poet Youth by Timothy Steele
A dead oak's branches hold a nest,
Abandoned now, that ospreys built.
Timothy Steele poet Coming Now by Timothy Steele
Summer ending, and in the late afternoon
Light no longer grows hazy, but stays clear, hard.
Timothy Steele poet In The King's Rooms by Timothy Steele
David, at Mahanaim during the Rebellion
This evening I pace chambers where I sought
Timothy Steele poet Old letters by Timothy Steele
Old letters are reproaches, mute petitions
Unlosable in some desk drawer
Timothy Steele poet Nightpiece by Timothy Steele
Always the same voice
(And what voice pray tell?)
Timothy Steele poet Herb Garden by Timothy Steele
"And these, small, unobserved . . . ' —Janet Lewis
The lizard, an exemplar of the small,
Timothy Steele poet April 27, 1937 by Timothy Steele
General Ludendorff, two years before,
Had pushed the concept in his Total War,
Timothy Steele poet On the Eve of a Birthday by Timothy Steele
As my Scotch, spared the water, blondly sloshes
About its tumbler, and gay manic flame
Christa van Rooyen poet Oh! The Painful Thought! by Christa van Rooyen Rookie - 52 Points
Oh the painful thought
Oh the painful thought: my child is dead!
Timothy Steele poet Golden Age by Timothy Steele
Even in fortunate times,
The nectar is spiked with woe.
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