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Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken poet Paradise 02 by Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken Gold Star - 29,361 Points
Horizon towards
a neverending story
Kurt Philip Behm poet The Double Edge by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 30,827 Points
Cowardice and bravery
Not either/or
Joshua Aaron Guillory poet Relax In Love! Do What You're Inspired To Do! And Above Al.. by Joshua Aaron Guillory Gold Star - 32,396 Points
Relax in love! Do what you're inspired to do! And above all be true! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
Atef Ayadi poet This Is How I Am Green by Atef Ayadi Freshman - 510 Points
i love fruits...
i wash them if they are made, or grown in the USA or "out"; .... in a industrial, profitable, corporate, from mansonto-Bay
Martina Moriarty poet The Waiting... by Martina Moriarty Veteran Poet - 1,925 Points
How long do you try... before you give up...
Hebert Logerie poet The Color Of The Night by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 28,804 Points
I'm as dark as the beautiful summer night,
And as clean as, and as cool as a whistle.
Kurt Philip Behm poet No Blank Degree by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 30,827 Points
Go to school,
and load your gun
Arun Maji poet পৃথিবীটা তোমার আয়না (This Whole World Is Your Mirror) by Arun Maji Gold Star - 22,571 Points
অন্যের মধ্যে যদি আলো খোঁজো
নিজেকে রামধনু দেখাবে।
Paul Hartal poet And Yet The Earth Is Flat by Paul Hartal Gold Star - 5,133 Points
One day the mailman brought me a letter
from California. It said that the Earth was flat.
Roxanne Dubarry poet Everett's Tree City 2068 Usa by Roxanne Dubarry Gold Star - 5,976 Points
In 2068 Everett will still be tree city USA.
It will pave the way for other cities.
Atef Ayadi poet What I Love & Im Not Good At.... by Atef Ayadi Freshman - 510 Points
what i love & im not good at....
1) ...flirtijng + desirable dedicated attention to desirable ends (parties, cuttling, sex...oracles orale talk...t
Randy McClave poet His Supporters by Randy McClave Gold Star - 15,338 Points
He called them all lying reporters
The ones who gave their lives for the news,
Natalie Nicole Story poet ~your Eyes by Natalie Nicole Story Freshman - 720 Points
crystalline blue
Bijay Kant Dubey poet George Washington by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 60,843 Points
George Washington
Was a soldier, a patriot,
Arun Maji poet Be A Lion-Hearted Man by Arun Maji Gold Star - 22,571 Points
In land of Lions, the king will be a Lion.
In land of Rats, the king will be a Rat.
Ravi Kopra poet When I Am Pissed Off by Ravi Kopra Gold Star - 42,469 Points
When I am pissed off
at what someone says
Kelly Kurt poet Mid July(Haiku) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 211,443 Points
I do not wish snow
The oppressive conditions
Arun Maji poet সিংহ হৃদয় হও by Arun Maji Gold Star - 22,571 Points
সিংহের দেশে সিংহ রাজা
ইঁদুর বাচ্চার দেশে ইঁদুর রাজা।
Ravi Kopra poet Linens, A Poem By Kay Ryan In Hindi/Urdu Translation by Ravi Kopra Gold Star - 42,469 Points
kuch aisi cheezaiN hoti hain
jo dukh ko door bathaey rakhti hain.
jan harvey poet On Lighter Terms by jan harvey Freshman - 535 Points
lone, wary; one intersperses study into opportunity.
dither lies beneath pavements in constriction.
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