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David P Carroll poet Our True Love Is Truly True by David P Carroll Bronze Star - 2,771 Points
Your the only one I truly love,
You came from above
Paul Hartal poet Stand Still And Go Far by Paul Hartal Gold Star - 9,084 Points
Even when you stand in one place,
Or sit in your favorite armchair, you travel
Frank J Davis poet The Self-Serving Misleaders by Frank J Davis Gold Star - 26,900 Points
If most Americans believe that the communist-riddled
Democrat Party and its incessantly supportive CIA-controlled
Joshua Aaron Guillory poet You Are Holy, Ways Are Heavenly, Shepherds, And Daily Defe.. by Joshua Aaron Guillory Gold Star - 86,169 Points
You are holy, ways are heavenly,
Shepherds, and daily defends against ill!
ANJANDEV ROY poet Longway by ANJANDEV ROY Gold Star - 24,266 Points
I was weary,
But never dreary,
Azitej Anand poet Sink by Azitej Anand Freshman - 852 Points
How, Do I feel;
at some point, I saw the rope:
Edward Kofi Louis poet Murray 2 by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 563,437 Points
me poet yeps poet poet 1320 Guilty Conscience by me poet yeps poet Gold Star - 122,280 Points
Be not afraid
walk alongside
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