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Prabir Gayen poet Presence by Prabir Gayen Gold Star - 25,207 Points
Fixing the mind in front,
Harley White poet Always More by Harley White Gold Star - 10,927 Points
A mind inquisitive will find
while looking out upon the world
M. Asim Nehal poet These Migratory Birds -...Remains Mysterious by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 204,354 Points
They come on holidays,
Like we go with our families
David P Carroll poet In Love With You by David P Carroll Veteran Poet - 1,231 Points
If I could fall in love with you
Oh I truly would
David P Carroll poet Falling In Love With Her by David P Carroll Veteran Poet - 1,231 Points
Falling In Love With Her
I never knew about true love
Andy Brookes poet Whitecaps Rising by Andy Brookes Gold Star - 46,097 Points
Stray not from the way ward wind but sail full billowed
tacking on the spume of thought,
Tiku akp poet The Beauty by Tiku akp Gold Star - 86,365 Points
The vast stretch of land
Laying ahead draped in snow
Hasmukhlal Amathalallal poet Push Them Far by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal Gold Star - 613,920 Points
Push them far
Saturday,19th January 2019
Nassy Fesharaki poet Needing Bobtail by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 90,252 Points
Needing Bobtail
To you, I, Kesyao
Sally Plumb Plumb poet Miaow. (Kids Stuff) by Sally Plumb Plumb Gold Star - 5,582 Points
Sorcerer! Sorcerer!
Where are your spells.
creative rohit poet Caring Emotions by creative rohit Bronze Star - 2,163 Points
Feelings are part of heart
As the heart holds feelings
Nellie Isabelle Steward Cooper poet Who Iz Izzie Cooper? ? ? ? by Nellie Isabelle Steward Cooper Freshman - 1,000 Points
Who Iz Izzie Cooper
Par for the course?
Dorsey Baker poet Jack Is The Drink by Dorsey Baker Gold Star - 44,255 Points
Jack Daniel
in my cup
Dorsey Baker poet I Didn't Make You Do It by Dorsey Baker Gold Star - 44,255 Points
Girl don't say
that I made you do it
Valsa George poet Random Ruminations- 1 by Valsa George Gold Star - 145,108 Points
Everything is fastened to everything else
Nothing or no one has a solitary existence
Dorsey Baker poet So He Thought by Dorsey Baker Gold Star - 44,255 Points
She was going to be
his piece
Dennis Ryan poet The Flow Of Consciousness, Thinking And Time In The Writin.. by Dennis Ryan Veteran Poet - 1,515 Points
Wednesday morning, December 12,2018 at 7: 08 a.m.; Thursday morning, January 3,2019 at 9: 18 a.m.
Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos poet Epiphany In Ethiopia by Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos Gold Star - 7,577 Points
The son of man
Jesus Christ
J G Collins poet Residual by J G Collins Bronze Star - 2,168 Points
Ancient priests,
witch doctors,
Ruta Mohapatra poet Krishna by Ruta Mohapatra Gold Star - 16,971 Points
A blue-green peacock feather
On dark wavy hair
Arun Maji poet I Am At Your Mercy by Arun Maji Gold Star - 30,516 Points
O beautiful
Why you search reason in love?
Aneek Chatterjee poet Survival by Aneek Chatterjee Freshman - 786 Points
I shuttle between hospital
and poetry festival,
Gajanan Mishra poet I Am Truly Blessed by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 356,941 Points
I am truly blessed,
Always I am with poetry
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