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Arnee Akpan poet She Can Do It Too by Arnee Akpan Veteran Poet - 1,002 Points
Her matrimonial resting place is the Village square,
She stabs the heart of her bride price,
Tom Billsborough poet On The Subject Of Clocks by Tom Billsborough Gold Star - 67,225 Points
I am pulse, momentary man,
The motivated impulse
Frank Gutsche poet Sunday by Frank Gutsche Rookie - 33 Points
Sitting on a memory-bench,
an elderly couple:
Gajanan Mishra poet Post-Life by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 187,457 Points
Post- life,
Post- truth,
Bazi alis Subrata Ray poet The Rewarded Love. by Bazi alis Subrata Ray Silver Star - 4,082 Points
The Rewarded Love.
The all yes girl lives,
Terence George Craddock (afterglows ec .. poet Beauty Is Hearing A Nightingale Sing Love In Our Sleep Del.. by Terence George Craddock (afterglows ec .. Gold Star - 80,972 Points
the young nightingale sings thrilled indifferent to death
the young nightingale sings eternal songs of shining new love
Gajanan Mishra poet No Effect by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 187,457 Points
Come or go,
No effect.
Andy Brookes poet Hard Labours Mostly Making Horseshoes by Andy Brookes Gold Star - 15,250 Points
As I scratch and scribble away,
I'd like to say in my lonely
Kurt Philip Behm poet Freed Of Sin by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 12,451 Points
Can we ever know creation,
can we ever reach the source
Frank Davis, Sr. poet We Scoop Frantically by Frank Davis, Sr. Gold Star - 27,797 Points
Life is the poetry;
poets wield
Terence George Craddock (afterglows ec .. poet Nature Loves The Interplay Between Night And Day by Terence George Craddock (afterglows ec .. Gold Star - 80,972 Points
nature loves the gap interplay between night and day
swarms of life living flickering drowning in death
John A'Hern poet Evening Stroll by John A'Hern Bronze Star - 2,071 Points
An evening stroll, off we go
Streets and lanes, forgotten byways.
Luo Zhihai poet Chic by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 97,334 Points
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Six Words of Quatrain)
Luo Zhihai poet The Small Window by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 97,334 Points
The Small Window
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Seven Words of Quatrain)
Indranil Bit poet Sonnet On The 'black Rose' by Indranil Bit Freshman - 796 Points
A tempest growing stronger silently
In the middle of the unexplored deep blue sea,
John Sensele poet Somber Substitution by John Sensele Gold Star - 16,738 Points
No efficient exchange, a somber substitution of sergeants
As the world witnesses with worry
Oskar Hansen poet A Day In A Market Town by Oskar Hansen Gold Star - 13,423 Points
A day in a Market Town
The café had a big window facing the street, it was almost empty
Tapan M. Saren poet I Dreamt Of Trees by Tapan M. Saren Gold Star - 7,853 Points
Last night
i dreamt of trees,
Majid Gaggi poet O Sailor by Majid Gaggi Gold Star - 5,175 Points
O sailor, who sailed to his aim?
May God lead your ship to your dock?
Muzo AKIN poet Fade Out by Muzo AKIN Veteran Poet - 1,859 Points
rem yeri mağduruyum uzun zamandır
imarlı ifrazlı hatta ifrazatlı uykularım var
Anabahati Mlay poet Her Days by Anabahati Mlay Rookie - 81 Points
Those cold nights
With no blanket to keep her warm
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Knowing Time Is Running Out by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 105,541 Points
Up and about, taking everything joyfully into my heart and
soul, leaving nothing to the death of life, forecasting and
John Sensele poet Proclivity Pangs by John Sensele Gold Star - 16,738 Points
One hundred percent presents scents
That scare scores of sanguine seers
prem kumar gautam poet दुआ मागूँगा तुम्हारे लिए रब से, तुम मुस्कराना प्रिये! ! by prem kumar gautam Rookie - 62 Points
मैं जागूँगा अब से रातों में तुम सो जाना प्रिये!
दुआ मागूँगा तुम्हारे लिए रब से, तुम मुस्कराना प्रिये! !
KAVITA SINGH poet Chahat... by KAVITA SINGH Bronze Star - 2,428 Points
Pass aakar tum meri rooh ko..
kuchh yun chhu jana,
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