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Maya Sarishvili poet Tell my husband by Maya Sarishvili
Tell my husband
That this, my veil, grew from the skull,
Maya Sarishvili poet It won't work out this way by Maya Sarishvili
It won't work out this way,
Even if you tip over a whole forest,
Maya Sarishvili poet There was one joy - by Maya Sarishvili

There was one joy -
Diane Ackerman poet Letter to Dr. B— by Diane Ackerman
I have found you among the texts
(but not the textures) of your life,
Peter S. Quinn poet Remember.... by Peter S. Quinn Gold Star - 8,337 Points
Dreams that go away
are never coming back,
Diane Seuss poet Jesus, with his cup by Diane Seuss
The barber, with his mug of warm foam, his badger-hair brush.
My mother and sister and me and the dog, leashed with a measure
Diane Seuss poet What Is It You Feel I Asked Kurt by Diane Seuss
What is it you feel I asked Kurt when you listen to
Ravel's String Quartet in F-major, his face was so lit up
Diane Seuss poet There is a force that breaks the body by Diane Seuss
There is a force that breaks the body, inevitable,
the by-product is pain, unexceptional as a rain
Diane Seuss poet backyard song by Diane Seuss
Since it's just me here I've
found the back and stayed
Dr. Pujarani Ghose poet Thought Transition by Dr. Pujarani Ghose Rookie - 208 Points
Thought Transition
Complexion with beauty is a hallucination
sEaN nOrTh poet Another Circuit Please - Wurk It by sEaN nOrTh Gold Star - 16,721 Points
MAHTAB BANGALEE poet Ceering In Seeing by MAHTAB BANGALEE Veteran Poet - 1,228 Points
O God Poseidon
You've come there as the seductive wave
Margaret Moran poet Priceless by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 31,960 Points
Is the gift of grace
Gives what money cannot buy
sEaN nOrTh poet Th@ Sinking Feeling U Have To Live With - An Inside Job by sEaN nOrTh Gold Star - 16,721 Points
Wonder what
You could be
sEaN nOrTh poet With A Tha - What A Mess by sEaN nOrTh Gold Star - 16,721 Points
susette varga poet Loyalty by susette varga Veteran Poet - 1,845 Points
Loyalty will always be
My number one priority
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet It Is Elite To Follow What Is Learnt Than The Pride Of The.. by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Gold Star - 20,257 Points
For all the people who live in this world
Surrounded by the roaring extensive ocean,
Valsa George poet Insatiable Longings by Valsa George Gold Star - 114,472 Points
I long to be by your side
To burn in the flame of love's fire
Yewande Adedokun poet Oh! Chariot Of Elijah by Yewande Adedokun Veteran Poet - 1,259 Points
I heard about you
I want to know how fast you can go
Margaret Alice Second poet Lonely Beginning by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
I can't prove anything to anybody - what
can I prove that will make a difference?
Joshua Aaron Guillory poet Letting Go Of Self-Esteem Is Like Drinking Coffee Without .. by Joshua Aaron Guillory Gold Star - 12,261 Points
Letting go of self-esteem is like drinking coffee without cream.
susette varga poet Selfless by susette varga Veteran Poet - 1,845 Points
To think of your needs
Not to care about mine
Naga Vamshidhar Ratakonda poet Nature's Vanity Fair by Naga Vamshidhar Ratakonda Rookie - 268 Points
Sunshine Sneaks in Green Fields,
With Greets of Clear Skies,
Clive Culverhouse poet Hy-Brasil by Clive Culverhouse Gold Star - 5,753 Points
Out in the lashing waves
a crashing of an anger'd sea
Rohit Sapra poet Language Of Emotions by Rohit Sapra Silver Star - 4,050 Points
Language of emotions is of value for me. My emotions make me realize the meaning of life since that is a only way of being present in this world. This
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