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Edward Kofi Louis poet D. W. P. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 264,878 Points
Defend the truth and let us live in peace;
Weighing life with the eyes of righteousness!
Edward Kofi Louis poet In Life With My Mind by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 264,878 Points
Life! The earth needs peace than war;
Once, announce!
Tom Billsborough poet St Patrick's Day by Tom Billsborough Gold Star - 74,162 Points
Ireland, Ireland,
Together standing tall
OGUNDIRAN AKINTAYO poet Standing Out by OGUNDIRAN AKINTAYO Rookie - 94 Points
On this lovely night
In the month of March
Alison Gaff poet Natures Calendar August 2016 by Alison Gaff Veteran Poet - 1,641 Points
The first of August was pleasant enough
Although the forecast predicts rain
Albot George poet His Masters Voice by Albot George Gold Star - 6,468 Points
Whore' you must be that middle aged witch, with no hands
Please feel free to burn them,
Olawale Abiola poet Forlorn by Olawale Abiola Rookie - 26 Points
I hate the smell of disappointment
I hate the taste of losing
Qiniso Mogale poet Spiritual Celebrities by Qiniso Mogale Bronze Star - 2,324 Points
They have bought themselves flashy cars
They have built state of the art mansions
vince gullaci poet The Earth Ship by vince gullaci Veteran Poet - 1,808 Points
The finite
and the infinite
George Krokos poet Quatrain #539 - All The Buds Of Spring...... by George Krokos Bronze Star - 2,423 Points
All the buds of spring
and colors they bring
Alison Gaff poet Natures Calendar July 2016 by Alison Gaff Veteran Poet - 1,641 Points
July is a respite from the wet
The mercury is rising
BOEMS BY JA WIZDUMBs BY JA poet Unfulfilled by BOEMS BY JA WIZDUMBs BY JA Bronze Star - 2,618 Points
Unfulfilled wishes
George Krokos poet Butterfly Effect by George Krokos Bronze Star - 2,423 Points
Substance and its illusion
is the basis of confusion.
Tutu Paddhan poet একা আছি ভালো আছি by Tutu Paddhan Rookie - 63 Points
আজকে আমার জীবন মাঝে
তোমার হাঁসি নাহি বাজে।
Edward Kofi Louis poet Ambition, Attribution! by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 264,878 Points
albert vynckier poet Le Métier D'avocat by albert vynckier Silver Star - 4,416 Points
qu'y a-t-il de plus absolu que le bien ou le mal, de plus dense, de plus pur qu'un bien ou un mal absolu? entre, on en est à une certaine distance, l'
Sandra Feldman poet Beware by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 68,776 Points
Can we ever figure out
What others mean?
Edward Kofi Louis poet Pick It Up by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 264,878 Points
It is So!
Pick it up;
George Krokos poet Octagonal Space Bowl by George Krokos Bronze Star - 2,423 Points
The depth of space isn't really confined
but along with infinity it is defined.
Payal Priya poet Brethren by Payal Priya Rookie - 467 Points
Are mosquitoes and politicians brethren?
Both perform, and buzz and make noise,
Ronewa Mabirimisa poet A Man With A Newspaper by Ronewa Mabirimisa Rookie - 46 Points
We stood at the bus stop,
Under the sun which was above 32 degrees,
Nurul Hoque poet When You Thought Me Rude by Nurul Hoque Rookie - 256 Points
Sometimes I been thrown from even
May mistake and telling out of bound
Christopher Tye poet ツリーの滝 by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 32,155 Points
Verity Fiammata poet Her Father's Heart by Verity Fiammata Rookie - 180 Points
Selene's faint glow rarely blesses her fearful nights,
But with the daily springtime of the sun,
Yashovardhan Kulkarni poet Pitch Of The Hour by Yashovardhan Kulkarni Silver Star - 3,111 Points
'Lacerating, to my bones,
Guilt, not fruits, is what I have gathered
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