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William Sydney Graham poet Gigha by William Sydney Graham
That firewood pale with salt and burning green
Outfloats its men who waved with a sound of drowning
William Sydney Graham poet Night's Fall by William Sydney Graham
Night's fall unlocks the dirge of the sea
To pour up from the shore and befriending
Tom Clark poet Hazard Response by Tom Clark
As in that grey exurban wasteland in Gatsby
When the white sky darkens over the city
Tom Clark poet Then and Now by Tom Clark
Then it was always
for now, later
Tom Clark poet Terminator Too by Tom Clark
Poetry, Wordsworth
wrote, will have no
Tom Clark poet Statue by Tom Clark
The angel asked, as his shoulders were pressed into the stone
Why me? And taken away from the inhabited body,
NHIEN NGUYEN MD poet A Squirrel's Lenten Appeal To A Cat by NHIEN NGUYEN MD Gold Star - 26,770 Points
A cat climbed up a big mulberry tree
To ask if squirrels have been away from their home.
Tom Clark poet Sounding Chinese at Inspiration Point by Tom Clark
Nice spring day off big white cloud
At Inspiration Point escaping time wars
Tom Clark poet Realism by Tom Clark
The smashed weirdness of the raving cadenzas of God
Takes over all of a sudden
Tom Clark poet Radio by Tom Clark
Don't hurt the radio for
Against all
Tom Clark poet Human Life by Tom Clark
Always behind my back I hear
The spastic clicking of jerked knees
Tom Clark poet "Himself let him unknown contain" by Tom Clark
Wyatt, with no insurance on his own head,
watching the execution of Anne Boleyn
Tom Clark poet Eternity by Tom Clark
The god of war assured King Arsounas, "Do not be fooled by words. No life is taken. Know that no one was ever born, nor does anyone die." In
Tom Clark poet The Domestic Life of Ghosts by Tom Clark
Whoso list to haunt could do worse than to
Obtain the license, get the picture.
Tom Clark poet Blown Away by Tom Clark
ephemeral as tinkerbell
unmoored yet not unmoved
Tom Clark poet 40 Days by Tom Clark
sleepwalker can never die
he is the chemical soldier
Hans Raj Sharma poet Prophecy by Hans Raj Sharma Gold Star - 6,071 Points
Prophecy or truth
Future is to prove
Thati pramod sai poet The Lost Self by Thati pramod sai Freshman - 788 Points
The more I try to forget u
The more you are disturbing me
Gordon Boshell poet Josing Fjord: The Capture of the ‘Altmark' by Gordon Boshell
Eastward we sailed from the Falkland Isles
And Westward to the Plate;
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Feel The Love Deep Inside by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 82,377 Points
F-eel the love deep inside,
A-pril twenty-sixth Wednesday;
WES Vogler poet Adventures Of Oogie Comic Strip...Resuming May 3 2017 by WES Vogler Gold Star - 71,753 Points
Adventures Of Oogie Comic Strip...RESUMING May 3 2017
The next 300 strips they are drawn
Hasmukh Amathalal poet Turn Into Cheers by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 331,663 Points
Turn into
More you burn with rage
Nicholas Christopher poet Lake Como by Nicholas Christopher
The searchlight of a February moon
at the end of the street
Thati pramod sai poet ప్రియ అంకం (Telugu) by Thati pramod sai Freshman - 788 Points
ఎక్కడో మెదిలెను నేడు నా హృదయ గీతి
సుదూర సాగర సంధ్యా తీరపు కాంతి
Suheir Hammad poet Jerusalem Sunday by Suheir Hammad
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