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Gajanan Mishra poet ମୁଁ ଆଉ ସାପ I And The Snake by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 209,646 Points
ମୁଁ ସାପକୁ
କରୁଛି ଅନୁସରଣ
Loppo Louie poet Shades Of A Blues Man 2 by Loppo Louie Gold Star - 4,990 Points
Now as the rain
approaches, a love
Andy Brookes poet No Valedictorian He by Andy Brookes Gold Star - 20,181 Points
Can I validate your parking ticket sir?
a rather rough spotty youth asked.
sEaN nOrTh poet Shure Can Shoot by sEaN nOrTh Gold Star - 7,872 Points
Is all these daze
tRyiNg 2 tIc
Garima Raj poet Interstellar by Garima Raj Rookie - 47 Points
Emanation of inanimate to animate.
Sanat Kumar Banerjee poet Limerick - 23 by Sanat Kumar Banerjee Freshman - 659 Points
খাবার পরে রাতের বেলা যেই গিয়েছি শুতে,
খিমচি দিয়ে চিমটি কেটে জ্বালায় কেন ভুতে?
Garima Raj poet " " by Garima Raj Rookie - 47 Points
" "
When you are not just waiting but yearning deep!
Garima Raj poet Amaranthine by Garima Raj Rookie - 47 Points
I wish I had a foresight,
The Crow poet Lantz Pierre Or Neal Breightol by The Crow Gold Star - 49,624 Points
Your such a little weasel
You like to change your name
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Look At The Sunrise by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 83,677 Points
L-ook at the sunrise,
I-t's setting things aright;
Upendra Ararti poet Life by Upendra Ararti Silver Star - 3,941 Points
Life is about children
, more than about love,
ANKIT MOHANTY poet Rose by ANKIT MOHANTY Rookie - 67 Points
Two fingers for a single rose
One to plug petals and other to get gush by thorns.
Dr Mohammad Golshani niya poet Peace And No Addict by Dr Mohammad Golshani niya Rookie - 255 Points
شعری در مورد اعتیاد و خاطرات و انتقاد مظلومی از شر قاچاقچی ها
Barry Middleton poet Rainy Day Books by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 62,654 Points
the rain can't wash the tears away
they hide behind a wall
Jim Yerman poet Confluence by Jim Yerman Gold Star - 9,075 Points
In geography it's called a confluence.
It's such a lovely word.
Christopher Tye poet 王位の俳句 by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 36,856 Points
Roxanne Dubarry poet When I Am Finally Free! by Roxanne Dubarry Silver Star - 3,627 Points
When I am finally free
from feelings of self doubt,
Christopher Tye poet 王位 by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 36,856 Points
Christopher Tye poet Yr Orsedd by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 36,856 Points
Yr Orsedd
Eistedd ar Orsedd,
NHIEN NGUYEN MD poet ChiềU Xuân BạN TớI Thăm Nhà by NHIEN NGUYEN MD Gold Star - 26,897 Points
Chiều Xuân, bạn tới thăm nhà
Trời xanh mây trắng, nắng vàng khắp nơi
Christopher Tye poet El Trono by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 36,856 Points
El trono
Sentado en el trono,
Robert Murray Smith poet A Sky Full Of Dreams by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 132,324 Points
Begin tomorrow to claim
The Crow poet Tired And Old by The Crow Gold Star - 49,624 Points
I miss you honey
The world is so cold
Mathias Sager poet I'm Sorry I Just Drove By by Mathias Sager Rookie - 376 Points
I'm sorry that I just drove by
In my elegant suit and tie
Lantz Pierre poet Empathy Errors by Lantz Pierre Gold Star - 7,667 Points
Let the ranchers wrangle her handlebars
Under her footsteps she shapes new languages
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