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Poet Poem
Tiku akp poet In Chorus by Tiku akp Gold Star - 44,827 Points
The night stands still
Cloyed with the whisper
Peter S. Quinn poet Nothing by Peter S. Quinn Gold Star - 4,913 Points
Nothing is really new
all is in its old,
Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu poet In The Birth Of A Gold by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu Freshman - 716 Points
From the numerous cells that flew along the fluid
Amidst the struggles and the battles
Chenou Liu poet Swimwear Sale Senryu (Comic Haiku) by Chenou Liu Gold Star - 19,847 Points
the look
on my plus-size wife's face
Robert Murray Smith poet Life Squeezes All by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 179,144 Points
Lust is so full of life, as
life is full of lust, we seek
Venomous Thorn poet Unfortunately by Venomous Thorn Freshman - 625 Points
So what now?
You play games and pretend like I can't see the hate
douglas lewis poet Faded Blooms by douglas lewis Bronze Star - 2,153 Points
There are blooms
In every corner,
Nassy Fesharaki poet Johnny by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 64,208 Points
Poem is nothing but
Marilou Madrazo poet The Courageous by Marilou Madrazo Rookie - 119 Points
Wild as a bull
No one tamed
Fauxcroft Wade poet It's Not What You Crave, It's What You Need by Fauxcroft Wade Rookie - 480 Points
Transforming the norm,
means often weathering the storm
Fauxcroft Wade poet State Of Mind by Fauxcroft Wade Rookie - 480 Points
I live from the mind
I don't live by design
Ferrizza Rivera poet Chasing Sunrise by Ferrizza Rivera Rookie - 124 Points
Let this cold air embrace us.
Let this sunrise witness our craziness.
Fauxcroft Wade poet Deep Within The Stars by Fauxcroft Wade Rookie - 480 Points
We met in a far off constellation
While dancing between the stars
MD SHAHADAT HOSSAIN poet I Will Wake Up by MD SHAHADAT HOSSAIN Silver Star - 3,870 Points
I Will Be Raised
You can write history about me,
segun Johnson Ozique poet Riots by segun Johnson Ozique Freshman - 584 Points
They arrive like wind babbling
Interrupting the course of the wandering waters
Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu poet Ore Mi (My Friend) by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu Freshman - 716 Points
Yes you are
The the falcon that holds the falconer
John Yau poet Marquee Moon by John Yau
The film was rumored to have disintegrated, but that was not the case. A copy of it existed in the library of the small town where the director had be
John Yau poet Father Knows Least by John Yau
Father liked to say that things were different back then, that even the snowflakes were larger, more fulfilling, especially if you were afflicted with
John Yau poet Ing Grish by John Yau
"You need to speak Singlish to express a Singaporean feeling."
Catherine Liu
John Yau poet Egyptian Sonnet (4) by John Yau
Horizon helmet horse hierophant
Sun presses clay snakes back
John Yau poet Egyptian Sonnet (2) by John Yau
A hippo sits patiently in a palm tree
while a hoopoe hops up a ladder
John Yau poet Day's Instruments by John Yau
They say we should write about our misery
John Yau poet In The Kingdom of Poetry by John Yau
(after Carlos Drummond de Andrade)
Don't write poems
John Yau poet Music from Childhood by John Yau
You grow up hearing two languages. Neither fits your fits
Your mother informs you "moon" means "window to another world."
John Yau poet Something to Look Forward To by John Yau
A blue and green city, with the sun rising behind it, just not swiftly enough
Don't worry about being perfect. Just make sure you have some juice lef
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