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Kenneth Maswabi poet Shithole Countries by Kenneth Maswabi Gold Star - 16,247 Points
A new word added
To the world of the marginalized
Alison Mujati poet Mistake by Alison Mujati Veteran Poet - 1,096 Points
The sun is going down.
Binaya Kumar Mohanty poet Aesthetic Pleasure by Binaya Kumar Mohanty Gold Star - 17,378 Points
Over and over again
the man
Ramesh T A poet Love Has No Dimension! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 57,730 Points
The Universe may be expanding ever and infinite in dimension;
Oceans and Seas may be unfathomable in depth and unreachable;
Malvika Hasrajani poet My Light Is Spent.. by Malvika Hasrajani Rookie - 0 Points
Painless it really though..? I can't decide just yet, I got some time to spare..I think..
The warmth of the morning sunshine still felt
Felicia Kekana poet I Wish I Had Said It Sooner by Felicia Kekana Rookie - 173 Points
I wish I'd said it sooner, maybe the sound of my voice would've convinced you to visit longer,
Perhaps the Angels would have let you stay over just
Patti Masterman poet High Country by Patti Masterman Silver Star - 3,063 Points
The past is still alive in me,
Wild and free, like a high country,
susette varga poet Dog by susette varga Freshman - 802 Points
Oh how i adore
My fur boy
Binaya Kumar Mohanty poet Rag Pickers Dream by Binaya Kumar Mohanty Gold Star - 17,378 Points
Having no time
you are
Micah Titus poet Language Of Silence by Micah Titus Rookie - 0 Points
Once I choose to learn the language of silence
It was like a hymn, sometimes like an uproar
Thinker Shah poet An Ode To Panipat 3 by Thinker Shah Rookie - 0 Points
When India in suppliancebent was trembling at Abdali's scourge
From distant Deccan a brave and dauntless race finally did emerge
susette varga poet Asleep by susette varga Freshman - 802 Points
As my darling's fast asleep
I hope he dreams of me
THE CROW poet Eternity by THE CROW Gold Star - 72,787 Points
I lay awake in my bed at night
Someone next to me softly sighs
Dr vinisha Gupta poet First Born. by Dr vinisha Gupta Rookie - 103 Points
There was a girl and a boy,
Soon they got married and he became her Teddy toy.
Jim Yerman poet America Is Leaning by Jim Yerman Gold Star - 13,984 Points
Our preamble begins with We the People.
Three words that still enthrall
Oskar Hansen poet Alfred Out Fishing by Oskar Hansen Gold Star - 21,210 Points
Alfred out fishing
Alfred the pianist, who insists he is not my father,
inguruwatta pushpadewa poet Writer Killer by inguruwatta pushpadewa Freshman - 684 Points
The person who wrote agony of people
He wrote a thousand factors that are sorrow of people
Laura arwen poet I Talk by Laura arwen Gold Star - 20,765 Points
I talk gently
only with the
kamesh Sai poet Love You More Than I Say by kamesh Sai Rookie - 85 Points
Life is a farrago of opinions and emotions,
I have seen many people in and out through ageing times,
Angelica Bustle poet The Hanging Tree by Angelica Bustle Freshman - 645 Points
The ascent has come onerouser and
duller single time
THE CROW poet The Photo by THE CROW Gold Star - 72,787 Points
You see the young couple
In an old photograph
Idowu AdegbileroIwari poet Helmsmen by Idowu AdegbileroIwari Rookie - 212 Points
Dear helmsmen
Your attitude to the assault on our kinsmen
Margaret Moran poet Giving Thanks by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 31,544 Points
Brings to life feelings
Of joy seeds of grace to those
Rhyme No Reason poet Hidden Scars by Rhyme No Reason Gold Star - 4,633 Points
Once I fell asleep
And dropped a cigarette
Neptune Barman poet Silent Tears by Neptune Barman Veteran Poet - 1,558 Points
Each day passes like the day beforeĀ 
but night is never the same
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