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T. (no first name) Wignesan poet If You Pull A Long Face - Part Xx - Continued by T. (no first name) Wignesan Gold Star - 11,157 Points
IF you pull a long-haughty face
Luo Zhihai poet Full Of Meaning by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 209,506 Points
Barry Conway poet Life Is A Constant Stream by Barry Conway Gold Star - 18,013 Points
James Darwin Smith II poet Love, Hope And All by James Darwin Smith II Gold Star - 6,670 Points
Never with looks
Does the soul even matter?
me poet yeps poet poet Sweet Perfume Of Petrichor by me poet yeps poet Gold Star - 77,933 Points
You really meant
Alexander Julian poet Between The Invisible Meanings by Alexander Julian Gold Star - 5,445 Points
And thus a star is like the ghost we've come to define our wind for,

Zywa Zywa poet The Passenger by Zywa Zywa Bronze Star - 2,417 Points
The captain will have been informed
because he says nothing about the situation
Luo Zhihai poet A Couple's Romantic Love by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 209,506 Points
Michael Walkerjohn poet My Love's Scar by Michael Walkerjohn Gold Star - 16,917 Points
everlasting pain
regret that is permanent
Margaret Moran poet Starving For by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 49,070 Points
Food there are many
Love far more than we can know
Oduro Bright Amoh poet How Do They Love Again by Oduro Bright Amoh Bronze Star - 2,700 Points
How? How?
How do they heal,
Clive Culverhouse poet Purple Shapes - Day by Clive Culverhouse Gold Star - 15,763 Points
the early sun
that greets
Gajanan Mishra poet Fake Laws by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 356,941 Points
Fake laws
Fake news
Oduro Bright Amoh poet Night Sky by Oduro Bright Amoh Bronze Star - 2,700 Points
A shepherd once told me
That the night sky glimmers
Gary James Smith poet We Do Not Mourn by Gary James Smith Gold Star - 6,228 Points
We Do Not Mourn
We do not mourn as hopeless one's
Gerry Legister poet A Lifetime Of Treasure by Gerry Legister Gold Star - 5,797 Points
One day of supernatural favor
Is worth a lifetime of treasure.
Gajanan Mishra poet Local Fair by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 356,941 Points
With colourful glasses
Local fair glows.
Sandra Feldman poet Birds by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 139,161 Points
We sing like the birds
And fly like the eagles,
Gary James Smith poet The Blessing Of Sharing by Gary James Smith Gold Star - 6,228 Points
The Blessing Of Sharing
Sharing is a blessing
Clive Blake poet End Of Our Democracy by Clive Blake Bronze Star - 2,746 Points
If people aren't listened to
And will never be,
Chito Faustino poet Brief Encounter by Chito Faustino Veteran Poet - 1,511 Points
what makes it easy to love
but so damn hard to unlove?
Joshua Aaron Guillory poet I Love The Look Of Your Gorgeous Tress And The Way You Wea.. by Joshua Aaron Guillory Gold Star - 62,741 Points
I love the look of your gorgeous tress
And the way you wear your sleeveless dress! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
Lovita J R Morang poet Glucklise Riese, How Sweet Is The Smell Of Land After The .. by Lovita J R Morang Veteran Poet - 1,461 Points
Glückliche Reise, how sweet the land smell after the rain
Waves of clouds
Gajanan Mishra poet Sign Language by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 356,941 Points
For all
Let it be compulsory
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