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Paul Sebastian poet Life Is Like A River Flow by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 15,689 Points
Like a river you flow
Meandering roughs you go
GORDON GILHULY poet Lament For Lebanon by GORDON GILHULY Freshman - 800 Points
on the river-fed high plateau of Beqaa, summer tomatoes
hang like liquid fire in the early morning mist
Rini Jerry poet Who Am I by Rini Jerry Gold Star - 11,166 Points
I am simple I have my own way
No matter what others say
Seamus O' Brian poet I Will Become The Morning by Seamus O' Brian Gold Star - 22,917 Points
I will disappear into the memory of the wind;
I will fold myself into the gilded leaves of dawn;
Natasa Krizanic poet Dad's Garden by Natasa Krizanic Rookie - 102 Points
I see you in the morning dew,
On the petal of your favorite flower,
Is It Poetry poet Dominion Death Shall Have by Is It Poetry Gold Star - 33,116 Points
Dominion death shall have over that witch lives
and lived but lives no more.
Sheila Mitchell poet Each Day I Am Healing by Sheila Mitchell Rookie - 126 Points
One day my heart will stop crying,
My head full of memories, hurting
pushpa p. parjiea poet छोटी सी कश्ती by pushpa p. parjiea Freshman - 756 Points
]न उलझ जाऊं इस जहाँ के आडम्बरों में जब हो कभी मन की चंचललता
न कर बैठूं कोई अपराध जब मन की हो अधीरता
George Carpow poet We Shall Se by George Carpow Rookie - 393 Points
Which aim our path will leads us to?
Should we be locked or pass this through?
Sheila Mitchell poet Rains Narrative by Sheila Mitchell Rookie - 126 Points
Oily, gleaming mirrors on tarmac,
Tyres causing greasy bubbles,
Sheila Mitchell poet The Girl Inside by Sheila Mitchell Rookie - 126 Points
I'm the girl on the inside,
A precious gem kept classified,
Ronell Warren Alman poet Girl, Our Love Shines So Brightly by Ronell Warren Alman Gold Star - 16,099 Points
Girl, our love shines so brightly
When we put our hearts together
Birjais Zahira poet Lost In Sea by Birjais Zahira Rookie - 60 Points
The dark owl sang in melancholy
The princess was gone, it howled
Roxanne Dubarry poet What A Wonderful World, Lord Jesus! by Roxanne Dubarry Silver Star - 4,227 Points
Oh, what a wonderful world, Lord Jesus,
I am able to see. You have especially
Romeo D. Matshaba poet The Black Curse by Romeo D. Matshaba Rookie - 60 Points
Old women are lining in the streets, none of them are glad,
None of them are tired, but one is bleeding from her eyes,
Petros Papadopoulos, poet The Anchorman's Tongue Twister by Petros Papadopoulos, Rookie - 153 Points
Bad news is good news
Good news is no news
Alistair Graham poet I Was 4 In 72 by Alistair Graham Rookie - 473 Points
I can't unsee the images
None of us can
Paul Sebastian poet Rainbow by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 15,689 Points
How can we have a rainbow
Without a rain of sorrow?
Luis Estable poet She Got Rhythem by Luis Estable Gold Star - 9,812 Points
The up and down of her hand
Around my glad and erect rod,
me poet yeps poet poet Friends And Lovers by me poet yeps poet Gold Star - 15,404 Points
The western world
gives more importance
Albert Price poet Wisdom by Albert Price Rookie - 196 Points
What is it that we call wisdom?
And where is it that it is found?
Luis Estable poet Going Down by Luis Estable Gold Star - 9,812 Points
My tongue is now prepared
To give these words good light:
Mary Rodriguez poet In You by Mary Rodriguez Freshman - 928 Points
Life teaches us lessons to make us wise
When times are tough we dream and fantasize
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet I Am In Fire by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 45,990 Points
I am in Fire
Your beauty surpasses all in grandeur
Kostas Lagos poet Enemy Within by Kostas Lagos Freshman - 505 Points
Quiet dog!
The enemy here
Is just me
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