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Leah Ross poet Call It Whatever Deflect Distract by Leah Ross Gold Star - 18,122 Points
says it black when it's white
say the news everything's fake
Gert Strydom poet To Find You Again by Gert Strydom Gold Star - 21,689 Points
(for Annelize)
To find you again,
Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) poet Cryptic 'crostic A La Poe { A Tribute To Edgar Allan Poe } by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR) Gold Star - 101,854 Points
________ PROLOGUE________
Within this cryptic, acrostic poem
Gert Strydom poet The Ballade Of Sir Galahad by Gert Strydom Gold Star - 21,689 Points
Armed with his great lance and sword
he was always true to his word
Gert Strydom poet The Ballade Of Sir Lancelot Du Lac by Gert Strydom Gold Star - 21,689 Points
All of Arthur's knights were great men of courage
that together in friendship did their lives against the Romans wage
Morgan Michaels poet Order by Morgan Michaels Gold Star - 12,581 Points
Is life a tragedy
with comic interludes
Safiyyah Manjra poet From Your Daughter by Safiyyah Manjra Freshman - 788 Points
I'm sorry for placing you in some form of false predicament,
Making you have that whole hearted wrong judgement.
Ben Paynter poet A Mindfulness Exercise In Which Nothing Is Accomplished by Ben Paynter Veteran Poet - 1,655 Points
i'm sipping beer and breathing, I'm pulling
Kumarmani Mahakul poet In Support Of Bharati (Bharateenka Sapakshyare * ଭାରତୀଙ୍କ .. by Kumarmani Mahakul Gold Star - 190,252 Points
Note: This poem titled, Bharateenka Sapakshyare, (In Support of Bharati) is written as a tribute to poetess Smt. Bharati Nayak and as a review comment
Prayad Pantasri poet A Winter Of Love: เหมันต์ฝันรัก by Prayad Pantasri Gold Star - 5,304 Points
When the wind blown around me
My thought'd been flown to thee,
Leah Ross poet Trump Is Desperate by Leah Ross Gold Star - 18,122 Points
That I'll say
He's pulling out the stops
Jeremy Horsford poet Fading Scene by Jeremy Horsford Silver Star - 3,886 Points
What am I doing here?
Continuously staring through a window hoping for more, as backseat drivers deliver me to utopia.
Mary Skarpathiotaki poet Plasma..Bad? Πλάσμα.. Κακό; by Mary Skarpathiotaki Silver Star - 3,332 Points
Plasma bad?
In frond
Judy and The Crow poet Night Musings 10 by Judy and The Crow Gold Star - 9,057 Points
How about
I kiss your lips
Robert Murray Smith poet The Shadow by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 256,267 Points
Trying to lose his shadow
man hides in his
Reshad Scott poet Presentations by Reshad Scott Rookie - 436 Points
I hate giving presentations, I hate everything about them.
The time it takes just to come up with an idea, and
Midnight Rendered poet Cinnabar by Midnight Rendered Gold Star - 5,447 Points
Well i just kissed a butterfly
Butterfly kisses on a butterfly
Leah Ross poet Jerry Wells by Leah Ross Gold Star - 18,122 Points
read in case you missed the memo it sums things up nicely
BOEMS BY JA WIZDUMBs BY JA poet Exercise by BOEMS BY JA WIZDUMBs BY JA Gold Star - 5,822 Points
When we were young and strong
Doctors would us ostracize
BIGJOJO WELLS poet Book 4 Remembering Of God Love by BIGJOJO WELLS Freshman - 606 Points
Oduma Alex poet Truth In Nigeria by Oduma Alex Veteran Poet - 1,258 Points
Nigeria! Nigeria! ! , Nigeria my country,
The sentiments of thy nature's bounty
Xiangu HHE poet Two Trains Just Kissed by Xiangu HHE Freshman - 544 Points
Too many funerals
Too many times
Oduma Alex poet Give Her Tune by Oduma Alex Veteran Poet - 1,258 Points
Life is but a stage,
And nature turns the next page
Leah Ross poet The Trump Family by Leah Ross Gold Star - 18,122 Points
Their Shady & their crooked
Morally corrupted
kevin foxz poet Red Moon The Sentient Icon by kevin foxz Rookie - 186 Points
red summer moon sentient instance
iconoclast momentinefrailty of a torn heart's severant croon
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