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RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Splurge Of Excitement by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 118,429 Points
Eyes opening, mind now awakening to splendid music flowing,
throwing intellect, knowing no boundaries or limits, taking
Suburban Lovechild poet I'll Never Be A Cool Black Guy by Suburban Lovechild Veteran Poet - 1,472 Points
I don't have bling
I don't rap, play blues or sing
Sari Mavi poet Living Life by Sari Mavi Gold Star - 5,203 Points
Surely the world is not as cruel as I imagine.
He has given lessons on two things:
Terry Collett poet Stoic Son 1984-2014 by Terry Collett Gold Star - 18,778 Points
There it is again, that
almost unbelievable
Valsa George poet Limerick- Wife-O-Phobia by Valsa George Gold Star - 94,044 Points
It was an awfully sultry night
All was unusually quiet
Frank Davis, Sr. poet Hey Monk! by Frank Davis, Sr. Gold Star - 41,605 Points
If you prefer living
at someone else's expense
Saniya Galeyeva poet How Do You Do, Small Dead Herring? by Saniya Galeyeva Veteran Poet - 1,634 Points
How do you do, small dead herring?
How are you? Is life like sugar?
Valsa George poet Limerick- Self Esteem by Valsa George Gold Star - 94,044 Points
There was a girl named Dimple
Her face was covered with pimple
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Blunt Knife by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 45,104 Points
Blunt Knife
I can see all daggers and a blunt knife
Tom Allport poet You And Me by Tom Allport Gold Star - 19,520 Points
Once poetry was only
For the educated
Mazloom Gill poet گنے گئے ھوں by Mazloom Gill Freshman - 949 Points
دن جس کے گنے گئے ھوں
نفس جس کے گنے گئے ھوں
Saniya Galeyeva poet Do Not Call Death - Once It Will Come by Saniya Galeyeva Veteran Poet - 1,634 Points
Do not call death - once it will come.
And happiness is a bird's feather.
Maire Galway poet Savage by Maire Galway Freshman - 742 Points
the tough beat on the drum, the leather, the wood of the instrument that is played by the rythme in the hands. That is another place, that is another
Rahman Henry poet যদি সূর্য ডোবে ।। আহমাদ ফুয়াদ নিয়েম by Rahman Henry Gold Star - 29,689 Points

Paula Glynn poet Angels Fly Above The Clouds by Paula Glynn Veteran Poet - 1,460 Points
I am high above the clouds,
This airplane a force of science,
Tiku akp poet Love And Heat by Tiku akp Gold Star - 40,990 Points
Let the sun fall in globules of fire
Let it kill the innocent flower
Neil Siskind poet A Filthy Row by Neil Siskind Rookie - 491 Points
A Filthy Row
Pretty Lady, hopeful heart;
Margaret Moran poet Our Thorns Help Us by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 22,145 Points
Know how we need God
Open doors of grace lead to
Saniya Galeyeva poet I Hope That You Are My Last Love by Saniya Galeyeva Veteran Poet - 1,634 Points
I hope that you are my last love
Though I do see that you are not forever,
Maya Hanson poet What Could Happen by Maya Hanson Gold Star - 9,702 Points
I know what could happen.
That's not stopping me from spending all this time.
Margaret Moran poet Deal Not As If We Do by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 22,145 Points
Need to understand
God alone has full picture
Nassy Fesharaki poet Cubism by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 59,115 Points
A conversation with my life…
Edward Kofi Louis poet Manchester by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 290,486 Points
Andy Brookes poet I Need To Get Out More by Andy Brookes Gold Star - 20,786 Points
'I need a dictionary.' he said
'a map to your words which are too woody.'
Kurt Philip Behm poet New Beginning by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 18,351 Points
Where bullets and bombs end,
—the Poet begins
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