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Noah Buddy poet A Pulsating Puma Perfectly Playing Piano Soulfully by Noah Buddy Gold Star - 33,588 Points
she waltzes in
she has a grin
Paul Warren poet World - The Doomsday Vault by Paul Warren Gold Star - 35,749 Points
The Global Seed Vault is built on the Arctic archipelago
At Svalbard, Norway on the side of a sandstone mountain aglow
The Crow poet Boobies by The Crow Gold Star - 40,123 Points
Judith Blatherwick and I chose the word BOOBIES to each do a poem to. Check out her much better version. NOW
Boobies here
Albert Price poet Axis Mundi by Albert Price Rookie - 152 Points
In the midst of our cosmic garden manse,
A machine awakens from eons of nights
Robert Murray Smith poet Your Own Path by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 99,438 Points
you must walk your own
path in life
Jeremy Willson poet Foxtrot-Uniform-Charlie-Kilo by Jeremy Willson Silver Star - 3,129 Points
I have never joined the Army
Or been aboard a submarine alongside the Navy
Jacob Andrew poet Dedicated To An Absent Father by Jacob Andrew Rookie - 0 Points
I live to disappoint my father
For to have his approval
Gajanan Mishra poet ଜହ୍ନ Moon by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 192,827 Points
ପଚାରୁଛ ଜହ୍ନର ରଙ୍ଗ?
Jeremy Willson poet The Anti-Social's, Social Experiment by Jeremy Willson Silver Star - 3,129 Points
I'm very introverted and don't like to speak my mind
But today a tiny bit of courage is what I seek to find
Amrit Pal Singh Gogia poet A-241 फिर सवाल कैसा by Amrit Pal Singh Gogia Silver Star - 3,871 Points
A-241 फिर सवाल कैसा 24.2.17- 12.48 AM
ज़िन्दगी तो ज़िन्दगी है फिर सवाल कैसा
Jeremy Willson poet You Do You, I'll Do Me by Jeremy Willson Silver Star - 3,129 Points
The gloomy boy fell asleep under the old oak tree
He laid there with his cigarette between his lips, he felt free
Ognjen Janic poet Dying With Rue by Ognjen Janic Rookie - 328 Points
Dying as you ought to
You mustn't be
RIC S. BASTASA poet ..Little Bud.... by RIC S. BASTASA Gold Star - 47,677 Points
do not mind them
Alicia Grimshaw poet Heart Wide Open by Alicia Grimshaw Rookie - 0 Points
Today I wrote a gift for you
my pen pulled my hand along, (it is braver than I)
The Crow poet To Love A Crow by The Crow Gold Star - 40,123 Points
I want to fly away
As far as I can go
Robert Murray Smith poet Bloated by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 99,438 Points
bloated we floated,
on bloated seas
Jeremy Willson poet Voices That Never Stop by Jeremy Willson Silver Star - 3,129 Points
I've started hearing voices every now and then
But it's not like it's coming from the voice of an old friend
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet Alternate Universe by Lawrence S. Pertillar
Liberals. Conservatives.
Independent fence sitters.
Jacob Andrew poet You Are To Me by Jacob Andrew Rookie - 0 Points
You are to me thunder
You are to me the blood
Tayha Bartlett poet Work All Day by Tayha Bartlett Rookie - 67 Points
work is a frats that many my say but few know the hardship that may follow the prazz and at the end of the day few can say they have finest in a satis
Robert Murray Smith poet One by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 99,438 Points
at the beginning one
Jacob Andrew poet Raised By Wolves by Jacob Andrew Rookie - 0 Points
I was raised by wolves
Under an ever watchful moon
Livi Berglund poet Travel by Livi Berglund Rookie - 48 Points
I travel to the sound of fiction;
I follow the creativity liefly.
Abdulkarim Baderkhan poet The Stranger (1) by Abdulkarim Baderkhan Rookie - 22 Points
His eyes record all the boring details
like lances in the hands of Tarkovsky,
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Rugged Wind Is Over by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 66,127 Points
M-isty air early Saturday
I-s nowhere in sight;
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