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Julia Ann Miller poet Two Pigeons by Julia Ann Miller Rookie - 0 Points
Like angels
The two dental staff
Paul Warren poet Old Feud From Old Sin by Paul Warren Gold Star - 56,581 Points
Broken and torn from the fight
I lay on the rock until last light
Nero CaroZiv poet Over A Hill by Nero CaroZiv Bronze Star - 2,923 Points
Over a hill with an old stone structure,
Over dale with balmy roses and a roaming vulture
Driss Ezzireg poet So Soft The Night. by Driss Ezzireg Gold Star - 8,759 Points
So soft the night;
No dreams of fright,
Etienne Charilaou poet Nothing New by Etienne Charilaou Gold Star - 6,350 Points
Adding, adding,
adding, adding,
Sharad Rajimwale poet Funeral by Sharad Rajimwale Rookie - 278 Points
Death sanctifies everything.
Eyes are washed by
Robert Murray Smith poet From Dream To Dreams by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 179,459 Points
Dreams arise out of sleep, as our
daydreams are cast without thinking,
kfm Productions poet My Feet...(27 / 07 / 2017 / 05: 53-Am) . by kfm Productions Freshman - 831 Points
When i move... /
I do not feel free. /
Can Yücel poet The Wall Of Love by Can Yücel
Was it you or your loneliness
In the blind dark we opened bleary eyes
Can Yücel poet The Song Of A Lizzard Perhaps by Can Yücel
Perhaps I was a bit of a lizzard
in the wake of a ruined rain,
Can Yücel poet The Mediterranean is in harmony with you by Can Yücel
The Mediterranean is in harmony with you
The stars sweat and you are sweating too
MD SHAHADAT HOSSAIN poet Conversation With Thyself by MD SHAHADAT HOSSAIN Silver Star - 3,959 Points
I was born in this world,
Thousands of natures bounty are accepted with my two hands.
Laquory Jones poet The Proposal by Laquory Jones Silver Star - 3,709 Points
I'm about to lose my mind at first I didn't
Know what I would find but lately its felt
Can Yücel poet Poem x by Can Yücel
Those cavalry lights riding by the chestnuts
woke the honeysuckle up so very early
Can Yücel poet Leaf Fall by Can Yücel
Those leaves that turned red before they yellowed and fell
all through the autumn put on a splendid display.
Paul Sebastian poet Haiku: Greetings by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 16,328 Points
Haiku by Paul Sebastian
Paul Sebastian poet Haiku: Lady Moon Comforts by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 16,328 Points
Haiku by Paul Sebastian
Neek H S poet Whispering Dove by Neek H S Rookie - 53 Points
Just did the runner from love
Hiding out becomes it's fate
Veronika Bitkina poet Good Luck With Your Endeavours.. by Veronika Bitkina Freshman - 557 Points
Good luck with your endeavours..
when one just see it's something like
Madhabi Banerjee poet ওর মতো কেউ নয় by Madhabi Banerjee Gold Star - 8,047 Points
ওর শৈশবে খেলার মাঠে খেলার সাথী যখন বলত
‘এই গরুর দুধ খেতে কেমন লাগে রে? আমি না কোনোদিন গরুর দুধ খাইনি।
Paul Sebastian poet Haiku: Blowing Kiss by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 16,328 Points
Haiku by Paul Sebastian
Paul Sebastian poet Haiku: Mother Nature by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 16,328 Points
Mother Nature
Haiku by Paul Sebastian
Theodora (Theo) Onken poet Missing Our Friend by Theodora (Theo) Onken Gold Star - 22,794 Points
It was just another night
...not even married for two years- -
Paul Sebastian poet Haiku: Rain by Paul Sebastian Gold Star - 16,328 Points
Haiku by Paul Sebastian
Doris Cornago poet Ask Yourself by Doris Cornago Bronze Star - 2,889 Points
Some people cannot be made to bother
Find out what should differ in others
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