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John Fenton Mcleish poet Reap What You Sow by John Fenton Mcleish Gold Star - 4,904 Points
Look up see the rockets fly through the sky
Estimated time of arrival, nigh
Muse Erato poet The Cuckoo That Coos Throughout Winter! ! ! by Muse Erato Gold Star - 45,963 Points
I cant bear the sound of the cuckoo, I melt along with his call for she
from my teens it used to haunt me with such a high decibel that goes
Robert Murray Smith poet We Do Not Know How Others See Us by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 81,446 Points
we do not know how others
see us
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Under The Coconut Tree by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 57,943 Points
A-s you wake up early Thursday,
N-ew light starts to ascend;
Rohit Sapra poet My Journey by Rohit Sapra Rookie - 452 Points
Trying to be as good I can be even when things turn tough. All of it is a struggle which has no ending and this is only way I translate everything to
Muse Erato poet A Winter View! ! ! by Muse Erato Gold Star - 45,963 Points
Whole sky is painted with blue, who did it? The painter of blues.
I saw the night moon still sitting on a swing and viewing the hues
Bernard F. Asuncion poet The Shallow Sea by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 57,943 Points
R-ise of the beacon begins,
H-aving the Thursday light;
adeniran ogooluwa poet Aduke The Image Of Beauty Star. by adeniran ogooluwa Rookie - 63 Points

Daniel Miltz poet Champions Become Legends by Daniel Miltz Bronze Star - 2,670 Points
Champions Become Legends
Rebecca Navarre poet The Bell by Rebecca Navarre Gold Star - 14,678 Points
Time ticks, drifting endlessly, through
the aging of the tree's. Rolling water's,
Ponniah Ganeshan poet The Story Of A Man by Ponniah Ganeshan Rookie - 429 Points
His legs have become two wheels
And his eyes two electric bulbs
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Give Me Try by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 38,076 Points
Give Me Try
When my beloved is with me then happiness is all around
John Sensele poet Ribald Restrictions by John Sensele Gold Star - 16,843 Points
Take time to tame anger
That soaks your spirits and choke your throat
Gert Strydom poet New Life by Gert Strydom Gold Star - 11,734 Points
This morning a white broken shell
did fall out of the big old oak tree
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Life Progressing Faster by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 106,077 Points
Entering delicate situations that conform in a maze of
attitudes, bringing about several types of moods, carry-
Ramesh T A poet Nature World And Machine World! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 38,781 Points
Beautiful green plants I dreamt about in my early morning sleep;
A beautiful kingfisher bird landed on top of a plant under the blue
John Sensele poet Idle Fiddle by John Sensele Gold Star - 16,843 Points
If you could shed a tear
For things past and present
Dev Anand poet When Will You Come To Kiss Me, My Stomach And Our Child. by Dev Anand Gold Star - 6,954 Points
You came to my underwater world
without telling me even one word.
Daniel Brick poet Three Seasons by Daniel Brick Gold Star - 50,436 Points
To Roseann Shawiak, for Radiance of Her Poems
How the Soul
Hebert Logerie poet Heaven Is Not Made Of Diamond Or Gold by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 14,581 Points
Stop fooling yourself, my friend.
Heaven is not made of diamond.
Dev Anand poet My Underwater Mermaid I Love You. by Dev Anand Gold Star - 6,954 Points
You knelt and prayed
touching your pregnant stomach.
Anmol Phutela poet सपना में सच by Anmol Phutela Rookie - 42 Points
आजकल खुद से बहुत बातें करता हूँ,
तंग होकर बहुत सवाल करता हूँ,
John Sensele poet Pain I Curse You by John Sensele Gold Star - 16,843 Points
When I pound you pain
Don't you cry or sigh
RoseAnn V. Shawiak poet Playing Wonder by RoseAnn V. Shawiak Gold Star - 106,077 Points
Totally rocking in the zone, being transported into another
universe beyond this dimension and into another time where
Rohit Sapra poet Everything by Rohit Sapra Rookie - 452 Points
In my life everything is the way it is
Just things are so
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