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larbi Houmaidi poet When Love Soars by larbi Houmaidi Rookie - 65 Points
Monday, January 23,2017
When love soars high
Venomous Thorn poet You Want Me To Hate You? by Venomous Thorn Freshman - 625 Points
I'm telling you for the last time, I'm done
(Not that you care) but I tell you anyway
Sanket Jain poet Jashwant - An Enemy by Sanket Jain Freshman - 503 Points
A born jealous, envious and bitter bear,
Always felt sad on other billionaire -
Rohit Sapra poet Feelings by Rohit Sapra Freshman - 994 Points
Sense through emotions
Sense through words
Berlyn Estimada poet The Woman's Love by Berlyn Estimada Freshman - 970 Points
It is a love so pure, so genuine
It unlocks the bind of innocence
Kumarmani Mahakul poet Later Better Sooner by Kumarmani Mahakul Gold Star - 136,590 Points
Later, later everything we shall do later,
When will that time come tell us oh dater?
Paul Warren poet Anticipation by Paul Warren Gold Star - 56,331 Points
Can we begin with each other again
With our love we don't need to pretend
Arundass TP poet The Red Rose by Arundass TP Rookie - 201 Points
Spreading the fragrance of love
shaping the petals mystic
Anne Waldman poet Dirge South by Anne Waldman
South in the spectrum events. Murderous events. Good South the longer warrior. Not Bad south, unreconstructed warrior. Get ready room, for hell. Untet
Anne Waldman poet Devotee by Anne Waldman
for the wisdom of the Rocky Mountain National Park
what to call wild use
Anne Waldman poet Battery by Anne Waldman
A trio of instruments you love the notes
indissectible & extending small rockets of delight
Anne Waldman poet Anthropocene Blues by Anne Waldman

sound de-territorializes
Anne Waldman poet To the Censorious Ones by Anne Waldman
(Jesse Helms & others...)
I'm coming up out of the tomb, Men of War
Anne Waldman poet Philosophia Perennis by Anne Waldman
I turned: quivering yellow stars in blackness
I wept: how speech may save a woman
Anne Waldman poet Makeup on Empty Space by Anne Waldman
I am putting makeup on empty space
all patinas convening on empty space
Anne Waldman poet The Lie by Anne Waldman
Art begins with a lie
The separation is you plus me plus what we make
Anne Waldman poet History Will Decide by Anne Waldman
After Brion Gysin / William S. Burroughs
All writing around the sides the persons a galaxy all writing resounds a hot history. All writing is in fact
Anne Waldman poet Cabin by Anne Waldman
eviction people arrive to haunt me
with descriptions of summer's wildflowers
Rohit Sapra poet My Heart by Rohit Sapra Freshman - 994 Points
All is well with me
Even though, I am really a lonely soul
Veerankutty poet The last leaf by Veerankutty
What is there
For the last leaf on the tree
Veerankutty poet In The Sanatorium For Trees by Veerankutty
There is no place like the sanatorium for trees
To serve your probation.
Veerankutty poet Magician by Veerankutty
Will separate yellow from gold
Wetness from water and
Veerankutty poet A Poem about Freedom by Veerankutty
A feather fell off the wing
Ending its flight.
Veerankutty poet Types of Poetry by Veerankutty
In the ringing of bells
If there was no poetry
Mzi Mahola poet What Will They Eat? by Mzi Mahola
There was stormy panic
When the police came
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