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Fareez Nasir poet My Girlfriend by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
I like my girlfriend in my jeans
But when she comes out of it
NHIEN NGUYEN MD poet Marching Westward - Translation Poem Of Quang DũNg's Poem by NHIEN NGUYEN MD Gold Star - 26,801 Points
Far away was the Horse River, oh Westward March!
I remember mountain forests and many perils
Fareez Nasir poet Just Like Tony by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
Born alone and die alone
So I'm living my life as me
Qiniso Mogale poet Biting More Than It Can Be Chewed by Qiniso Mogale Silver Star - 3,909 Points
Taking on more than they can handle
Wanting to be Jacks of all trades but being
Fareez Nasir poet She Killed The Devil by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
She fell in love with a bad boy
And none agrees with her
John A'Hern poet Visit by John A'Hern Silver Star - 4,069 Points
Confused and looking for what?
A child of ten or twelve moving on,
Fareez Nasir poet Give Up On Me by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
I've tried a lot in my life
And I've failed a lot too
Fareez Nasir poet Didn't See It by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
She fell in love with me
But I told her I'm sorry
Ami Joshi poet The Fall by Ami Joshi Veteran Poet - 1,023 Points
The flower glows,
Glows with the dimming light,
Fareez Nasir poet Shattered by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
A beautiful home with a broken family
Under one roof but these doors are segregations
mayur jadhav poet मैत्रीण 2 by mayur jadhav Rookie - 309 Points
एक तरी मैत्रीण असावी
बाईकवर मागे बसावी
Paul Warren poet War - Ww1 - Animals At War by Paul Warren Gold Star - 44,734 Points
In the Great War animals went as soldier's saviours
There were calvary mounts including the Australian whalers
Fareez Nasir poet Dark Verses by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
These verses are real but none of them holy
On God I won't lie but oh God I'm so sorry
Fareez Nasir poet A New Life With You by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
Laying on this concrete floor
Trapped within these four walls
Barry Middleton poet A Woodland Night by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 62,538 Points
My childhood ramblings were so long ago,
and time obscures the traces of the past.
Jim Yerman poet A Bucket Of Esteem by Jim Yerman Gold Star - 9,024 Points
She grew up a happy child…in a happy home…
her own wonderland.
Tanya Ivanova poet Importance by Tanya Ivanova Freshman - 605 Points
If the ocean exists on the Earth
If it's full with the violence of life
Tanya Ivanova poet If by Tanya Ivanova Freshman - 605 Points
If God was like the way religions say
Obsessed with the human betrayals
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Love You Deserve by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 43,452 Points
When you walk entire universe starts dancing
When you bend entire world starts romancing
Ruth Walters poet A Little Haiku by Ruth Walters Veteran Poet - 1,510 Points
Trees sway,
pink and white blossom,
Fareez Nasir poet Dear Anna by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
Dear Anna,
My undivided heart to truly love you
sEaN nOrTh poet Is To by sEaN nOrTh Gold Star - 7,871 Points
wAlK ThE WaY
Liza Sud poet Leader Of Nations And Times. From Svetlana Vodoley by Liza Sud Gold Star - 44,067 Points
To Lenin
Is there someone who could rule the fates of people
John Fenton Mcleish poet Religion Is For Dumb Downed Fools by John Fenton Mcleish Gold Star - 6,754 Points
Theres only one thing left he wants to do
Travel into space and see the cosmos
Fareez Nasir poet 2k17 by Fareez Nasir Freshman - 704 Points
I tell myself I've to win, you know I can't lose
Wake up to hustle everyday, like I can't snooze
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