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Bree Z. Love poet When In Austin by Bree Z. Love Rookie - 313 Points
I'm still not fond of you Austin, due to your ruly nature.
Feelings of being undernourished;
Anna Banasiak poet Baggage by Anna Banasiak Freshman - 996 Points
My life is baggage
I'm leaving my home
Anna Banasiak poet Lonely Salsa by Anna Banasiak Freshman - 996 Points
dance with me the last salsa
in the bedroom of desire
Robert Murray Smith poet Nanoseconds by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 244,567 Points
Have we time on our hands or
the past as it disappears
Robert Murray Smith poet An Archeological Dig by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 244,567 Points
We have dug deeply into life
finding the aphotic
Sarah Mkhonza poet Hanging Between The Hands Of The Clock by Sarah Mkhonza Gold Star - 12,761 Points
It is between the hands of time you lay.Right next to the long hand your
feet walk to your next errand. Touching
Dorsey Baker poet Guilty by Dorsey Baker Gold Star - 13,277 Points
Baby I'm guilty
of being
Sravani singampalli poet Flow by Sravani singampalli Rookie - 82 Points
As I smell the sweet earthy scent
John Ackerman poet The Embodiment Of Private Tony Slovich by John Ackerman Gold Star - 9,552 Points
as a seed in his mothers belly
in time would grow to give birth
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Painful Memory by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 50,292 Points
Painful Memory
Sand whispers in the desert to tell the story
Edward Kofi Louis poet E. N. C. I. N. A. R. E. S. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 347,009 Points
Enter into the world so sweet with positive morals!
Needed to bring peace to the world;
Edward Kofi Louis poet T. I. N. T. O. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 347,009 Points
Today with You! ! Tomorrow is another day;
In the land of the living,
Edward Kofi Louis poet T. I. S. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 347,009 Points
Tender love and kindness,
In the land of the living;
Boghos Artinian poet War by Boghos Artinian Rookie - 248 Points
Dogs do not know that billions
Of cells slave away at a bark
Muzahidul Reza poet Mohammad (Pbh) A Great Dactyl Word(Quatrain) by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 109,664 Points
The greatest democrat in the world
The greatest one in the creation
Ramesh T A poet Action By All Nations As One Needed For Peace! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 52,263 Points
The world is in a precarious situation
Due to Nuclear proliferation and also
Edward Kofi Louis poet A Sad Child by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 347,009 Points
Adeyemi Joshua poet Joy by Adeyemi Joshua Gold Star - 9,810 Points
Like a rigid hill she stands
With her naughty look-
Debasis Chatterjee poet The Waiting by Debasis Chatterjee Rookie - 283 Points
An unknown place
Without a single known face
Sagnik Chakraborty poet Springtime Farewell by Sagnik Chakraborty Veteran Poet - 1,720 Points
When vernal clusters usher in the Spring,
Why do I hear my friend, a youthful flower,
Genova Maaa my mother poet Faith And Doubt by Genova Maaa my mother Gold Star - 7,501 Points
Faith means doubt.
It is not the supression of dobt.
Lamar Cole poet Tough by Lamar Cole Gold Star - 26,024 Points
Bailey was one tough girl.
She didn't care for frills or curls.
Bijay Kant Dubey poet The Beat Movement by Bijay Kant Dubey Gold Star - 56,225 Points
Was it a literary movement
Or composition musical
Andy Brookes poet Do Not Believe In Truths Spectral Glass by Andy Brookes Gold Star - 29,832 Points
such mountains of ego squandering words on self.
mirrors are not always truthful, we see in the glass darkly,
Raees Ahmad poet The Gorgeous Belle by Raees Ahmad Rookie - 97 Points
Me alone thirsty and eager
Looking for cute and gorgeous
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