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Arshad Ahmad poet The Icecream Lover by Arshad Ahmad Rookie - 0 Points
One scoop - two scoop
Hold it stiff, lessen the time
The MadLad poet Coming Back To Life by The MadLad Rookie - 160 Points
Where were you,
when I was still a bud,
sharon wildey poet Homecoming by sharon wildey Rookie - 271 Points
I really just show up once in a while
Seeking some crumbs from the table of Wildey
Pathikrit Bandyopadhyay poet Of Poets And Cowards by Pathikrit Bandyopadhyay Rookie - 304 Points
Those yellow flowers that bloom
On the tallest tree
Famous Poems poet Tongues Made Of Glass By Shaun Shane by Famous Poems Rookie - 119 Points
if only
our tongues
Chenou Liu poet Fragrance Haiku by Chenou Liu Gold Star - 18,999 Points
cherry blossom rain
her fragrance lingers
Arshad Ahmad poet The Beauty - Will It Stay Forever? by Arshad Ahmad Rookie - 0 Points
The beauty, oh my darling
Will fade, will be vague
Arshad Ahmad poet The Faultless Morning by Arshad Ahmad Rookie - 0 Points
I know you gonna come one day
Gliding the curtain you'll wake me up
NUDE and RUDE poet What Happened To Cops by NUDE and RUDE Bronze Star - 2,669 Points
What happened to cops
They used to be tough guys
Miiya Skky poet A Painful Goodbye by Miiya Skky Freshman - 526 Points
I have to let you go, though it seems so hard letting go of the person that left such a big imprint in my heart but it has to be done.
Loving you
John Sensele poet Let Me Be by John Sensele Gold Star - 21,965 Points
Let me live my life as I please
Whether I sleep around or smoke myself to death
Mark Fahmy poet How? by Mark Fahmy Freshman - 904 Points
How can you give up on the only self..
that never gave up on you?
Bozhidar Pangelov poet Rozhen by Bozhidar Pangelov Rookie - 445 Points
on a dry tree hung
does the monastery hang
NHIEN NGUYEN MD poet My Thanks On Father's Day (Senryu) by NHIEN NGUYEN MD Gold Star - 29,669 Points
Thanks Julie and John
Love and gift for Father's Day
Tribhawan Kaul poet मृत्यु उपरांत by Tribhawan Kaul Bronze Star - 2,617 Points
ब्रह्माण्ड में अधर
मैं, देख रही हूँ
Barry Middleton poet Point Of View by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 66,662 Points
the morning was so long ago
it has grown old before its time
EZEKIEL HARUNA DANBAKI poet Impossible by EZEKIEL HARUNA DANBAKI Veteran Poet - 1,529 Points
The word impossible
Naveed Khalid poet Cleopatra by Naveed Khalid Gold Star - 16,326 Points
O! in what capacity of royal blood I write,
That you'd find worthy of thy perusal;
Raquel Angel Nagler poet Mad Mirrors - Part C (89) by Raquel Angel Nagler Veteran Poet - 1,939 Points
QUOTE: 'When I write 'love', there is nothing to say anymore' - N. Vrettakos
THE CROW poet Mormon's Rock by THE CROW Gold Star - 54,249 Points
I want to be a Mormon
Not that nonsense with John Smith
Raquel Angel Nagler poet Mad Mirrors - Part C (88) by Raquel Angel Nagler Veteran Poet - 1,939 Points
QUOTE (About poetry) : 'My hands leave the sky in the souls of men' - N. Vrettakos
Rommel Galicia poet When In Solitude by Rommel Galicia Freshman - 714 Points
A moment in life
In solitude as it is like
Sandra Feldman poet Night Writers by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 77,430 Points
The Night is always, lightless,
Mysterious, silent, cold
Timothy Kassina poet Truth Be Told by Timothy Kassina Rookie - 55 Points
How long shall I hide
The ailments of my heart
Pen Anthony poet Misunderstanding Me by Pen Anthony Gold Star - 4,619 Points
They say the biggest distance
Between two people is misunderstanding
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