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Majid Mohammed poet Life Season by Majid Mohammed Rookie - 102 Points
They will talk to put you out,
Laugh to put you down,
Edward Kofi Louis poet W. E. S. S. E. X. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 252,657 Points
Ways of life,
Exploring the status of nature;
Hanan Muzafar poet Revenge Of Dead by Hanan Muzafar Rookie - 361 Points
Across the lake,
dead looking for me,
Jacquelyn Burge poet Yours To Keep by Jacquelyn Burge Rookie - 360 Points
You are yours to keep,
over life, over death,
Andy Brookes poet The Sum Of Parts Return To Ashes by Andy Brookes Gold Star - 18,752 Points
We are the sum of our memories
so we are told nerve impulses that store
marty webb poet Zeus by marty webb Rookie - 138 Points
With breath
of living fire,
Edward Kofi Louis poet The Other Side Of Hope by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 252,657 Points
Prayad Pantasri poet My Beloved Father: คุณพ่อผู้เป็นที่รักและเทิดทูน by Prayad Pantasri Bronze Star - 2,613 Points
My beloved illness father was in bed;
He lived in the far east, I lived in the far west.
Jacquelyn Burge poet Timing Keeping Of A Madman by Jacquelyn Burge Rookie - 360 Points
Tick tock, tick tock,
The clock ticks and tocks,
Marilyn Jean poet Unplanned by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 18,811 Points
The day was meant to be
It was well planned
Muzahidul Reza poet Body And Soul - 1 by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 32,980 Points
Soul desires
Body does
Preston Mwiinga poet Abragada Bragadah Magic by Preston Mwiinga Gold Star - 8,537 Points
abragada bragadah magic
abragada bragadah magic
Preston Mwiinga poet O Woman Speak Out by Preston Mwiinga Gold Star - 8,537 Points
speak spaeak speak
dont be silent
Anthony Cavuoti poet Suicidal Families by Anthony Cavuoti Gold Star - 4,714 Points
The entire situation is invalidating,
their expectations are completely irrational.
Jacquelyn Burge poet Vengence by Jacquelyn Burge Rookie - 360 Points
Beneath the burning stars,
beneath the waning moon,
Frank Gutsche poet Burned Wings by Frank Gutsche Freshman - 941 Points
Books: boyhood heroes; a tragic guise wears wings.
Marco Polo, Sindbad, Huckleberry and Columbus;
SylvaOnyema Uba poet Love Bells by SylvaOnyema Uba Gold Star - 8,525 Points
Your love rings
Like the soft sound of bell
Michael P. McParland poet Waking Desires And Wants by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 80,544 Points
Good afternoon my sweet love
and since I have awoken
SylvaOnyema Uba poet Waitiing For Love by SylvaOnyema Uba Gold Star - 8,525 Points
Our love is
Gentle and slow like the snail
Sister Frances poet Evil Woman by Sister Frances Gold Star - 21,927 Points
I do that thing that
Turns you on like a light
obinwanne chibuike poet Battles Of The Mind by obinwanne chibuike Rookie - 45 Points
The night they come with invading fear
engulfing our retinal with dark clouds-
Neeraj Kumar poet More Than Me by Neeraj Kumar Veteran Poet - 1,705 Points
You were broken So I had to put your pieces together I never told you but all I wanted was your affection You were lost So I came along with you I
Bazi alis Subrata Ray poet The Passage Of Faith by Bazi alis Subrata Ray Silver Star - 4,170 Points
In The Passage Of Faith.
The falling victim to,
Junmony Daimari poet Goodbye by Junmony Daimari Rookie - 95 Points
Although our acquaintance wasn't long,
Although we were not best friends,
Emily E. Green poet All I Need by Emily E. Green Rookie - 48 Points
I wonder for the last time if it'll ever sink in
as I take the last drop of gin
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