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Naji Almurisi poet Equality by Naji Almurisi Rookie - 23 Points
Give me a kiss
Robert Murray Smith poet The Fall by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 146,361 Points
Swishing high in brown leaves
Othman Marzoog poet Love You Alaq by Othman Marzoog Rookie - 30 Points
As I feel the throbbing pain,
Let you enjoy the pleasure
Prayad Pantasri poet The Justice: ความยุติธรรม by Prayad Pantasri Silver Star - 3,658 Points
As justice is for a person;
the same is for each nation.
steve khawand poet Do You? by steve khawand Rookie - 41 Points
I'm ready for what life might bring
let my words go through the world and sing
Muzahidul Reza poet A Pause By Nature by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 48,714 Points
From a bud
A flower is coming out
Gerry Legister poet The Spirit Of Life by Gerry Legister Gold Star - 4,965 Points
The journey goes on with slight changes,
in the simple moments, that's all it takes,
Madrason writer poet Deksels by Madrason writer Gold Star - 14,038 Points
Ze vluchtte weg van de hel
naar de woestijn
Poetic Judy Emery poet Knowledge Is Powerful by Poetic Judy Emery Veteran Poet - 1,870 Points
The miracles that has been written
Vincent Onyeche poet My Blind Spot by Vincent Onyeche Gold Star - 5,276 Points
There's a girl, at sixteen she's a bronze,
Twentyfive; she's a glittering silver in clothes,
Madrason writer poet Avondlied by Madrason writer Gold Star - 14,038 Points
De passie van Jan kan in de moskee
een fusie tot een licht idee
Madrason writer poet Ashes For The Urn by Madrason writer Gold Star - 14,038 Points
How would you truly live
if you yourself no time to give
Vincent Onyeche poet Shell by Vincent Onyeche Gold Star - 5,276 Points
Shell please get out of my head
You've done lots against my lead
Vincent Onyeche poet Candy And The Beast by Vincent Onyeche Gold Star - 5,276 Points
Your beauty needs no bronzer, powder or brush,
You are adorably natural, my adrenal rush and crush.
Tiffany Saxon poet The Beautiful Eyes Of Hattie by Tiffany Saxon Rookie - 327 Points
She'll always be our family's valedictorian of sight…
Vincent Onyeche poet Same Direction by Vincent Onyeche Gold Star - 5,276 Points
On a blue hot stove, the slower it burns
Most often, the most effective it becomes.
Marcquiese Burrell poet I Don't Believe You by Marcquiese Burrell Bronze Star - 2,663 Points
Talk a good game still think that you are full of it
Play a bad game the score tallies up the count of it
Frank Davis, Sr. poet From Playing To Being Played by Frank Davis, Sr. Gold Star - 41,999 Points
My concern is not virtual;
I lament what we've lost while we're losing it.
Qiniso Mogale poet The Sky Is Not Our Limit by Qiniso Mogale Gold Star - 5,956 Points
We who belong to Christ
We are all destined for greatness
Weslee Sampel poet The Place To Write Poems 2. by Weslee Sampel Bronze Star - 2,274 Points
write your poem in the comments
for the theme is love of the greatest
M Sagnik Das poet How Much I Love You! ! ! by M Sagnik Das Veteran Poet - 1,154 Points
If crying expresses how much I love you...
Then I can cry my heart our till I dehydrate...
Nassy Fesharaki poet Adam by Nassy Fesharaki Gold Star - 59,432 Points
Hybrid as we are most of times
Poetic Judy Emery poet Shadows Of An Elderly Knight by Poetic Judy Emery Veteran Poet - 1,870 Points
The intellectual interests of scorn twilight
Poetic Judy Emery poet Being Tested by Poetic Judy Emery Veteran Poet - 1,870 Points
I hear the sound that tells a story
Moloy Bhattacharya poet Shantiniketan by Moloy Bhattacharya Freshman - 708 Points
Every time I visit
The land of Tagore
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