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Kostas Lagos poet Fool For Christ(Haiku) by Kostas Lagos Veteran Poet - 1,603 Points
God's speaking
madness overwhelms me!
Paul Butters poet Nothingness by Paul Butters Gold Star - 5,655 Points
Samantha Morgan poet Hands by Samantha Morgan Veteran Poet - 1,182 Points
Your hand, my heart,
You're my everything when I fall apart.
Edward Kofi Louis poet Knell, Ell! by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 308,454 Points
Knell, ell!
Samantha Morgan poet Mine by Samantha Morgan Veteran Poet - 1,182 Points
A smile I thought was mine.
An expression of astonishment before I have never seen,
Samantha Morgan poet Seat 9 by Samantha Morgan Veteran Poet - 1,182 Points
Talking of football,
Conjoint thought that we could have it all.
Chris Embick poet What Good Is Love by Chris Embick Rookie - 69 Points
What good is love without the truth
How shallow life to not give all
Chris Embick poet Have You No Shame by Chris Embick Rookie - 69 Points
Have you no shame to bring him here
While our parting scarce be ending
Chris Embick poet Cold by Chris Embick Rookie - 69 Points
The North wind howls, the snow piles high
On every heart a frosty glaze
Lamar Cole poet Pretty Boy by Lamar Cole Gold Star - 7,563 Points
Romeo was the school's pretty boy.
He treated all the girls like they were his toy.
Frank Davis, Sr. poet Stabilized by Frank Davis, Sr. Gold Star - 49,167 Points
For so many years
I bent myself into grotesque shapes
Chris Embick poet A Walk In Familiar Woods by Chris Embick Rookie - 69 Points
Early I walked deep into familiar woods
To satisfy my childhood notions
Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon poet Farmer 8 - Little Boy With A Cap by Dr. Geeta Radhakrishna Menon Gold Star - 29,176 Points
Little boy Arush, so innocent,
Less than five years old,
jan harvey poet Essential Hope by jan harvey Rookie - 91 Points
Focus lies when dreams, not manifest.
Beset free spirits to dally at sunset.
Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi poet 510 by Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi Gold Star - 7,237 Points
Look at me
What you see
Ami Joshi poet A Time by Ami Joshi Veteran Poet - 1,219 Points
A time taught me,
To learn,
Felix Opaleye poet Black Bentley by Felix Opaleye Veteran Poet - 1,190 Points
There's drama and funny talk in the air, disco lights with little vodka to set the mood on. Friday night is always the sweetest night, this is serious
mohan sanjeevan poet Rain Are A Delight Forever! by mohan sanjeevan Freshman - 649 Points
Skies opened up suddenly
Clouds no longer able to
Seamus O' Brian poet Requiem For The End Of Time by Seamus O' Brian Gold Star - 25,455 Points
were I to sit on the edge of the pier
beyond which floated the end of time
Terry Collett poet Arrived In Paris 1973 by Terry Collett Gold Star - 21,579 Points
Arrived at the Hotel Napoleon.
Sonya unpacks; the concierge
Guljeren Mammedova poet Anguish by Guljeren Mammedova Rookie - 51 Points
The memory of you as piercing,
As poison through the veins of soul
Tony Esmonde poet Despair....? by Tony Esmonde Rookie - 240 Points
The road is long
am I getting weary?
Tiku akp poet Convenient by Tiku akp Gold Star - 44,926 Points
Crushed under your weight
I feel the pleasure of passion
Bianca Phipps poet All Lives Matter 1800's Edition by Bianca Phipps Rookie - 0 Points
Just because I own slaves, doesn't mean I'm racist.
I don't even see color; you're racist for being slaves.
Bianca Phipps poet Ten Things You Sound Like When You Say All Lives Matter In.. by Bianca Phipps Rookie - 0 Points
This one is called ten things you sound like when you say all lives matter in response to black lives matter or stop saying that stupid insensitive as
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