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folusho Brown poet Fear by folusho Brown Rookie - 42 Points
I never fear death, all man must die.
Jim Yerman poet A Walk For Peace by Jim Yerman Gold Star - 8,278 Points
Lately, I've been dubious of religions…the way they're painted on the news.
We see only the radical ones…with their racist and hateful views…
John Mateer poet Mall of the Emirates by John Mateer
We don't use the word 'exile' anymore,
despite meeting in the Mall of the Emirates,
Thomas McCarthy poet How To Recognise Your Lover by Thomas McCarthy
The name of a lover sparkles with voltage;
just before the rendezvous the beat is quickened,
Thomas McCarthy poet Broken promises by Thomas McCarthy
As we grow older we become adept collectors
Of broken promises. It's not that the world means ill,
Thomas McCarthy poet May 18th 1948 by Thomas McCarthy
DELASEM / Sit down, you say, stand still and you will learn some
things about this war. Don't believe everything you want to believe
Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay poet जिंदगी का मतलब by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay Bronze Star - 2,491 Points
जिंदगी का मतलब न मतलब से यारों,
भले अपने करतब से, दुनिया में रहना।
Thomas McCarthy poet March 17th 1948 by Thomas McCarthy
St. Patrick's Day and the bleak shamrock and the bleak German spring.
/ New Guardsmen step and turn to perfection under a barking RSM. /
Thomas McCarthy poet April 29th 1945 by Thomas McCarthy
Flesh. / Smoke. / History nests in this dark cage of Europe; prison-
camp of political prisoners: such women, ghosts from the Great
Thomas McCarthy poet As if the hour by Thomas McCarthy
It was the snow fell out of a gap in time -
As indiscreet as the crunch of feet on frozen grass.
Thomas McCarthy poet African diamond by Thomas McCarthy
Poetry that has never built its aircraft carrier leaves all power at home.
The pen wears an apron as it feeds the world. It ladles all the comfort
Thomas McCarthy poet Shanghai traffic by Thomas McCarthy
Morning traffic makes excuses at every changing light.
Now the whole world is jealous of Shanghai, humming
Jeannette Heywood poet Spring by Jeannette Heywood Veteran Poet - 1,112 Points
Snowdrop, tulip, daffodil and crocus.
Your colours coax dull lenses to focus.
Thomas McCarthy poet ANDRE GIDÉ by Thomas McCarthy
At La Roque the swallows called, whirling round
the house, their tight marine cries piercing air
Thomas McCarthy poet The Rarest Thyme by Thomas McCarthy
For you I would have built a herb-garden,
Not a pathetic patch for mint and chives
Thomas McCarthy poet The Dying Synagogue At South Terrace by Thomas McCarthy
Chocolate-coloured paint and the July sun
like a blow-torch peeling off
barry conway poet Spun by barry conway Bronze Star - 2,144 Points
Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay poet किया मेरी ओर चितवन। by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay Bronze Star - 2,491 Points
ज्यों ही तुमने प्रथम मिलन में,
किया मेरी ओर चितवन।
Thomas McCarthy poet The Sorrow Garden by Thomas McCarthy
It is an image of irreversible loss,
Paul Butters poet Chuck Berry by Paul Butters Gold Star - 4,958 Points
They'll be rockin' in Heaven
Down St. Peter's Gate Way.
barry conway poet Inflicted by barry conway Bronze Star - 2,144 Points
Thomas McCarthy poet State Funeral by Thomas McCarthy
Parnell will never come again, he said. He's there, all that was mortal of him.
Peace to his ashes.
Colter Castillo poet Nightingales by Colter Castillo Rookie - 101 Points
Nightingales and old contrails
Everybody's got their own tale
Thomas McCarthy poet He turns to his wife, 1797 by Thomas McCarthy
You turn away from me in the fragrant heat
Of this Montenotte summer -
Thomas McCarthy poet He considers his wife's three cats, 1793 by Thomas McCarthy
A different nation lives within our walls, cats.
Sent from God in triplicate, easy as envoys
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