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Jeanette Telusma poet Poetry by Jeanette Telusma Gold Star - 10,196 Points
Poetry is life.
It's freedom.
Edward Kofi Louis poet Who They Are by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 315,339 Points
I am,
You are,
Muzahidul Reza poet The Meaning Of Name by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 72,396 Points
I am Mr. Name
May be Rahim, John, Sharon, Ram
Qiniso Mogale poet Defying Logic by Qiniso Mogale Gold Star - 9,991 Points
Saying the unheard of
Doing the unthinkable
Jeanette Telusma poet Pain Is Remedy by Jeanette Telusma Gold Star - 10,196 Points
The very pain that causes one
To stoop and bend over as
Prayad Pantasri poet My Beloved Mother: คุณแม่ผู้เป็นที่รักและเทิดทูน by Prayad Pantasri Silver Star - 4,462 Points
Mother, I owe you a lot,
Your lovely care is like a cot.
Jeanette Telusma poet E.A.G.L.E.S by Jeanette Telusma Gold Star - 10,196 Points
Everyday I look up to the sky,
Amazingly I see an outstretched blue canopy.
Stevens Cadet poet If Innovation Had A Voice by Stevens Cadet Rookie - 150 Points
We have come to you
Only you can give us life
Jamee Paxton poet Darkness by Jamee Paxton Rookie - 70 Points
Twisted and warped
Hanging on a dream
Peter S. Quinn poet Midsummer's Night by Peter S. Quinn Gold Star - 5,153 Points
Oh love midsummer's night
A glow of its season,
Daniel Brick poet Your Christian Identity by Daniel Brick Gold Star - 65,863 Points
A Poem for Nancy
I see the fire in your eyes
Electric Lady poet My Teddy Bear Thinks I'm Psycho by Electric Lady Gold Star - 19,758 Points
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Tirupathi Chandrupatla poet Forward Move by Tirupathi Chandrupatla Gold Star - 23,011 Points
You showed up
In my sleep
Kurt Philip Behm poet A Mirror by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 21,768 Points
Looking into my face,
I see my father's eyes
Ann Marge poet Hedonic Self by Ann Marge Rookie - 335 Points
Addiction comes in many ways
And drugs are the easiest to face.
Dewey Birch poet 60% by Dewey Birch Rookie - 0 Points
If the woman you love, only liked you 60%, what would you do?  
What would you say?
Christopher Withers poet The Restless Waves by Christopher Withers Rookie - 156 Points
I used to think the restless waves,
Touched the beach in sweet embrace,
Luis Estable poet Sonnet # 6 by Luis Estable Gold Star - 12,308 Points
Forgive my thoughts of you transporting love.
I understand. you are only my friend.
SUJOY MAJUMDAR poet বিরহ by SUJOY MAJUMDAR Rookie - 478 Points
আজ আমি এত কাছাকাছি,
Maira Eliz poet Habby Pirthday Ruthenium! ! ! by Maira Eliz Rookie - 92 Points
U asshole U sixteen, We starcrossedfriends
A long bluesea apart
Samuel Santana poet Decision (Part 2) by Samuel Santana Gold Star - 5,098 Points
In the domain of the aurora
I have seen disappear
Hasmukh Amathalal poet Break Up And Pain by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 383,068 Points
Break up and pain
Make no move
Jocelyn Dunbar poet The Great Controversy by Jocelyn Dunbar Rookie - 448 Points
Lying wonders of Satan trick
Marrying same sex is deception of the evil one.
Felix Opaleye poet Dark Tears by Felix Opaleye Veteran Poet - 1,628 Points
There's no point fighting the devil with demons, only good deeds can conquer evil desires.
Tomorrow will forever remain unknown to mankind, dark p
Samuel Santana poet Decisión 2 by Samuel Santana Gold Star - 5,098 Points
En el dominio de la aurora
he visto desaparecer
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