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Francis Duggan poet Cannot Worry by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 105,841 Points
Cannot worry where my last remains are destined to lay
Or if they are cremated when i have lived my last day
Francis Duggan poet There Is More To Life Than Being Wealthy And Famous by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 105,841 Points
There is more to life than being wealthy and famous
And there is more to life than being a billionaire
Francis Duggan poet Fr John Joe Garvey by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 105,841 Points
Since as a pupil in the nineteen fifties he attended the Boys Primary School in Millstreet Town
The roadways of life he has been up and down
Shirley Morgan poet I Still Wont To Feel Loved by Shirley Morgan Freshman - 518 Points
Even if my body is like a ship and when I move my hip hips. Its like a treasure to move and know that the ocean is free.
As the waves move. Free me.
Bernard F. Asuncion poet Great Moment by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 114,628 Points
J-ust wait for the great moment,
O-n the day of salvation;
John Ackerman poet What If Transparency? by John Ackerman Bronze Star - 2,829 Points
What if Transparency
we make love we give love
Lynnie DeFelice poet I'm Sorry by Lynnie DeFelice Gold Star - 4,716 Points
I apologize for when we talk I zone out, but I'm just keeping myself from crying.
I'm sorry my legs shake so much, but if they didn't, I'd surely be
Ray Sinclair poet Forever Turning. by Ray Sinclair Freshman - 584 Points
Your life of promise, pain and hurt,
Spring shoots break through crusted dirt.
Prince Adegoke poet To Mine At Worried Times by Prince Adegoke Rookie - 314 Points
I feel the pain in ur pain
I hear the sound in ur tears
Ronald Chapman poet Beautiful Friend by Ronald Chapman Gold Star - 7,779 Points
The story of a kind, loving mother, and a good friend.
On a beautiful sunny spring morning.
Courtney Pleger poet Middle Fingers by Courtney Pleger Rookie - 49 Points
If I had one thing to say
I'd say it with my hand
Daniel Bates poet A New Day by Daniel Bates Rookie - 465 Points
Shadows of yesterday cast no light
Cause, forth into frey by morning sight
Sandra Feldman poet Love's Deep Melody by Sandra Feldman Gold Star - 81,597 Points
I remember
That December,
Prayad Pantasri poet Wimbledon Tennis Tournament: การแข่งขันเทนนิสวิมเบิลดัน by Prayad Pantasri Silver Star - 4,235 Points
It's the time to test your strength;
The world invited you to face a challenge.
Kurt Philip Behm poet Verses Deboned by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 21,287 Points
While listening to everyone but myself,
failing to take my own advice
Colin Ian Jeffery poet Towering Stone by Colin Ian Jeffery Silver Star - 4,344 Points
Sorely wounded in the soul
Pressed and chased from shelter
Paradis Winslet poet Just A Smile by Paradis Winslet Rookie - 94 Points
Just a smile,
Just a smile,
Vivek Sultan poet Dreams by Vivek Sultan Rookie - 0 Points
They will hypnotize
leaving you traumatized
Russell Crow poet No Self Worth by Russell Crow Silver Star - 3,097 Points
To this day, there a lies a sheet tied around my neck, a noose
Pulling ever tighter, a guillotine for the broken; the broken and blind
Colin Ian Jeffery poet Where Have All The Days Gone by Colin Ian Jeffery Silver Star - 4,344 Points
Where have all the days gone
Slipping away like a rushing wind
Russell Crow poet An A From 8th Grade by Russell Crow Silver Star - 3,097 Points
Excuse me miss, have I introduced myself
My introduction to a delusion as I message you
Deidre Dixon poet Better Has To Come! by Deidre Dixon Rookie - 481 Points
No matter where you find yourself in life, better is on the way.
You'll have more favor than before in your life because God designed it that way.
sabrina spriggs poet Open Your Heart by sabrina spriggs Veteran Poet - 1,045 Points
open your heart to everything
you had my heart from day one
louis rams poet Remembering The Sixties by louis rams Gold Star - 6,099 Points
Remembering the sixties
We all have a lifetime of memories, some bad, some good
june keysha poet Cinta Dan Luka by june keysha Rookie - 474 Points
rindu....mengapa kau datang menyapa?
ketika benci mencoba mengahpus jejak-jejak cinta yang pergi
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