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Phoenix1 Smith poet Love Will Remain by Phoenix1 Smith Bronze Star - 2,246 Points
Still then very young I prayed for a chance
in the splendor of music when we danced
Gajanan Mishra poet ବିଶ୍ଵଶାନ୍ତି ପାଇଁ ଶବ୍ଦ by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 187,457 Points
ବିଶ୍ଵଶାନ୍ତି ପାଇଁ ଶବ୍ଦ
ଜରୁରୀ ଅଟେ ।
Victoria Hardy poet Shame by Victoria Hardy Freshman - 766 Points
They say when a man
Is tired of London,
Ramesh T A poet What Poetry Is This? by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 38,731 Points
What Poetry Is This?
All styles of poetry have come into fashion now;
Wolfgang Steinmann poet Idylle by Wolfgang Steinmann Gold Star - 4,587 Points
Du bleibst eine Weile, so schön und so jung und so still,
Unstet deine Hand, wie ein Fohlen, das seine Mutter will;
Hasmukh Amathalal poet No Mirror by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 286,848 Points
No mirror
Never go near
Sister Frances poet She's Like The Weather by Sister Frances Gold Star - 14,343 Points
She's like the weather
I'm always in doubt
abhilasha bhatt poet Haiku -11 Winter Night by abhilasha bhatt Gold Star - 18,787 Points
Freezing wind blowing
Memories of yours around
Avinash Nair poet If You Can by Avinash Nair Veteran Poet - 1,369 Points
If you can read between my lines,
Then read.
Paul Butters poet Unfair World by Paul Butters Gold Star - 4,763 Points
From nation to nation
All around the world
Agatha Eliza poet These Mountains Won't Stop Me... by Agatha Eliza Gold Star - 6,741 Points
These mountains won't stop me...
The freezing winds won't chisel
Jess Will poet Jar Of Heart by Jess Will Rookie - 20 Points
I worship your ghost
And I look for your shadow
Kurt Beard poet I Still Have A Dream by Kurt Beard Rookie - 371 Points
53 years later there is still a dream
Love shares the dream
Alyssa ArtsLover poet How Could I Forget/Teardrops From An Ocean by Alyssa ArtsLover Freshman - 562 Points
'How could i forget the dream
that you gave
Audrey O'shea poet Awake by Audrey O'shea Rookie - 86 Points
When your awake, and find that nothing is there,
That you knew this day would come, but yet you have nothing to fear.
Chenou Liu poet Tousled Hair Tanka by Chenou Liu Gold Star - 14,761 Points
love seeds
my winter dream...
John Sensele poet Sane Sorority by John Sensele Gold Star - 16,738 Points
Love is that little lilly
That stirs senses and steers
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet Fake Painter by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 38,008 Points
Fake Painter
You have wasted my precious time and words
Ramesh Joshi poet Paradigmatic Shift by Ramesh Joshi Freshman - 754 Points
Ramesh Joshi poet Be You A Lion And Roar by Ramesh Joshi Freshman - 754 Points
Why vilest thy time in vain gain leading
Samir Actuated poet I Will Laugh At That by Samir Actuated Rookie - 129 Points
I clench my teeth
Those words can never be taken back
S.D. TIWARI poet Kah Mukari (Hindi) कह मुकरी by S.D. TIWARI Silver Star - 4,262 Points
कह मुकरी
कमर से लिपटी थी मैं उसमें,
Krishna Kaipa poet My Pot by Krishna Kaipa Rookie - 0 Points
The pot in my hand,
Cracked and broken,
Hasmukh Amathalal poet When Speak Of by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 286,848 Points
When speak of
Whether you fall or not
M. Asim Nehal poet Rubaiyat - by M. Asim Nehal Gold Star - 157,132 Points
If you wish your dreams come true
Do not be afraid to take the risk
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