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Manushyaputhiran poet KNOWING DIRECTIONS by Manushyaputhiran
All gratitude
and return favours
Manushyaputhiran poet ITS OWN WAY by Manushyaputhiran
In the granary
an affection
Manushyaputhiran poet In separation from you by Manushyaputhiran
In separation from you
there is
Manushyaputhiran poet HOUSE: TWO SCENES by Manushyaputhiran
In a house
where children were
Manushyaputhiran poet FOR A MIRACLE by Manushyaputhiran
I waited for a miracle
It didn't happen
Lucaci Florentin poet Cate Ore Are Ziua by Lucaci Florentin Rookie - 0 Points
Tu mă iubești
Și mă aștepți
Manushyaputhiran poet EXHAUSTION by Manushyaputhiran
Another day
and somehow
Manushyaputhiran poet EPITAPH ON MY GRAVESTONE by Manushyaputhiran
There is
no one here.
You may go.
Ramesh T A poet Sudden Storm And Rains A Warning Of Nature! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 62,577 Points
Sudden storm just before summer is seldom known;
Salt made out of sea water in hill like heaps and
Manushyaputhiran poet TOUCH by Manushyaputhiran
The cloth cover of the chair
on which you sit
Sandra Kaps poet Just Another Day by Sandra Kaps Rookie - 0 Points
When you're out there saving lives, you encounter some pretty weird stuff.
Like when Bobby from prison got a shampoo bottle stuck up… you know.
Warri Stanley poet Hell In The Church by Warri Stanley Freshman - 700 Points
"Hell in the church"
They're the same people
Lucaci Florentin poet Mixed Bee (Africanized Bee) by Lucaci Florentin Rookie - 0 Points
MIXED BEE (Africanized Bee)
Why I have been blind
Ishmael Mabhiza poet The Future by Ishmael Mabhiza Rookie - 407 Points
The best way to predict the future is to create it
Life is what you make it now,
Ehsan Ehsan poet Memories by Ehsan Ehsan Freshman - 979 Points
I have been keeping you in the casement of memories
Ehsan Ehsan poet Of Your Whereabouts by Ehsan Ehsan Freshman - 979 Points
Please tell me something of your whereabouts
Carl Roussell poet Close The Blinds by Carl Roussell Veteran Poet - 1,488 Points
Before life catches up
I want an hour with you.
Carl Roussell poet Prophesy by Carl Roussell Veteran Poet - 1,488 Points
Every night ends to a new day,
all these years of prophesy
Margaret Alice Second poet A Living Hell by Margaret Alice Second Rookie
Compute the trade-off between taking drugs
which lowers quality of life while filling every
Rini Shibu poet Smell Of Incense by Rini Shibu Gold Star - 69,821 Points
As the smoke lifted high
with the smell of incense
Carl Roussell poet Cupid by Carl Roussell Veteran Poet - 1,488 Points
I think of you
and feel for you.
Dileep Jhaveri poet Regarding the Unsalvable by Dileep Jhaveri
When asked about the trees
One chanted hymns from the ancient scriptures
Dileep Jhaveri poet Fear by Dileep Jhaveri
Fear grips me
And then
Dileep Jhaveri poet Making a Chair by Dileep Jhaveri
Making a chair is a most natural thing
and very easy
Dileep Jhaveri poet Conversation With Trees by Dileep Jhaveri
Trees converse with each other
One tree bends a branch trembling with nascent leaflets to other
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