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Edward Kofi Louis poet Whatever It Takes by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 366,190 Points
Whatever it takes,
I will be there for you;
Dorsey Baker poet Thats How I Know by Dorsey Baker Gold Star - 18,721 Points
Baby you can paint
your face your lips your eyes
Bernedita Rosinha Pinto poet Mhadei River / Mandovi River - Tributaries Of Timeless Gen.. by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto Gold Star - 5,573 Points
Let me be the river of timeless prosperity
let me flow and enhance the grace and glory
Edward Kofi Louis poet North Island by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 366,190 Points
Your love,
Doug Lane poet The United States Of Shitholes by Doug Lane Freshman - 509 Points
Reagan said
the great thing
GORDON GILHULY poet The Persephone Poems #1 by GORDON GILHULY Bronze Star - 2,953 Points
The Persephone Poems
These are the love poems of Hades chronicling his relationship with Persephone, the daughter of Demeter. According to the anci
Muzahidul Reza poet The Allegory by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 129,431 Points
Home is an allegorical word of the world
Do not pollute the home
Ahil Kannan poet The Help by Ahil Kannan Rookie - 72 Points
The world out there, very vast
Helps me to learn the mast
Muzahidul Reza poet Wine And Alcohol (Free Verse) by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 129,431 Points
Fruit juice
Suitable for health,
Hebert Logerie poet Je Ne Suis Pas D'un Pays De Trou De Merde by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 23,244 Points
C'est un jour triste pour Haïti,
C'est un jour triste pour l'Afrique,
Curtisj Johnson poet Just A Mite by Curtisj Johnson Gold Star - 5,420 Points
Gold, silver, and other precious metals are seldom to be found on the surface of the earth. They are more likely to be found at the bottom of the sea
Garba Ado Ibrahim poet Farewell by Garba Ado Ibrahim Freshman - 714 Points
Who knows who before? Who knows who after four? From nowhere, Came we as friends and peer, North the South and West some from Asia, I will live to hea
April Humason poet Identity by April Humason Rookie - 329 Points
Beauty is poisoned by the eyes of wickedness. So be wise to your insecurities and hear no evil. Because a touch of vanity can test the loveliest with
Muzahidul Reza poet The White Pigeons (Allegory) by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 129,431 Points
The white pigeons are flying in the blue sky
White and blue
Muzahidul Reza poet The Murder (Allegory) by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 129,431 Points
On all the deer
All the tigers
susette varga poet Clown by susette varga Veteran Poet - 1,155 Points
For 14 years
I held out
John Ackerman poet Al Gore (The Mechanical Man) by John Ackerman Gold Star - 11,110 Points
Need I Say More?
We are talking about a man, myth & legend,
Debasis Chatterjee poet Power Of Youth - 12th January,2018, Calcutta by Debasis Chatterjee Rookie - 400 Points
Swami Vivekananda famously called upon the young
To arise, awake, forget quest for name and fame,
Betty Pope poet Do You Know The Time You're In? by Betty Pope Rookie - 0 Points
Governments playing games with missiles, declaring Wars
Every day temperatures changing by 15 degrees or maybe more
Muzahidul Reza poet Haiku - Air And Soul by Muzahidul Reza Gold Star - 129,431 Points
Air is important
All for mortal body, not
Clive Culverhouse poet A Voice Said To Me by Clive Culverhouse Gold Star - 5,609 Points
A voice said to me
"What should I do? "
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet The Door Of The Heaven Will Not Shut For The Persons Of Ch.. by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Gold Star - 20,190 Points
It is said that the door of the heaven will not shut
For the persons of charitable mind with merciful character,
Barry Middleton poet Hurricanes And Firestorms by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 76,416 Points
hurricanes and firestorms
easy for the superstitious
Warren Falcon poet The Blue Accident Of Love, Yes, Backing In - A Serial Poem.. by Warren Falcon Bronze Star - 2,902 Points
[NOTE: dear reader, when you see the "x" in the text below
know that it designates the word "times" as in math multiplication,
John Ackerman poet Hour Of Power A Salute To Eminem by John Ackerman Gold Star - 11,110 Points
the course of of our lives
had to fight off a zombie sucker in the night
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