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Akhtar Jawad poet A Reply To Kelly Kurt's Limerick Convicted And Condemned by Akhtar Jawad Gold Star - 87,590 Points
See how happy is the condemned convict!
Brought from the heaven the pleasing instinct,
Luke Curcio poet Wisdom & Snow. by Luke Curcio Freshman - 529 Points
Fresh foot prints on the snow.
If I follow them where do they go?
Leah Ross poet Political Correctness What's That by Leah Ross Gold Star - 9,816 Points
not in this lifetime not in this world this should be this way the I should be doted political correctness out the window
Satish Verma poet Rebirthing by Satish Verma Gold Star - 23,875 Points
It was a quaint
feeling. Something was
Satish Verma poet You Love Yourself by Satish Verma Gold Star - 23,875 Points
The beast
draws a circle for
Satish Verma poet Enormous Precipice by Satish Verma Gold Star - 23,875 Points
Ah, the statecraft of
present times, was becoming
Gajanan Mishra poet ଆରୁ ଅଛେ ଦେଖ୍ କାଣା କେନ by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 192,473 Points
ମା ବଲୁଛୁରେ ଗାଡସୁଆ
ତୋର ମା ନାଇଁ ନ ଭାଏଲ!
Bernard F. Asuncion poet What's On Your Left Hand by Bernard F. Asuncion Gold Star - 65,076 Points
V-ile weather turns fine,
A-fter the storm is gone,
Douglas Scotney poet I Was: Careful by Douglas Scotney Gold Star - 27,417 Points
I was sitting up after 'Moonlight',
which had been very careful
The Crow poet My Butts Sore by The Crow Gold Star - 38,923 Points
I saw him in the woods
Hiding behind a tree
Leah Ross poet Putin & Trump by Leah Ross Gold Star - 9,816 Points
Is like the war of the roses he said she said here take that it's like horns inner locking two roosters going at it I'll tell on you this is so high s
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