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Pink - Poem by Mark Heathcote

At night I think pink looks depressing…
Like a school girls lumpy blancmange
There is something churlish un-exotic
Unless it's of, the most vibrant - colour.
Pink is a misrepresenting, camouflage—

Pink dressing worn is quite un-erotic
At night I think pink looks gruelling…
And on any given dull day, quite dour
Very much not representing,
Springs first cherry blossom flower.

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Pink Poems
  1. 51. Pink
    Mark Heathcote
  2. 52. Font Color='Dark Pink'♥ Daddy, How..
    Jade Just me
  3. 53. A Giant Pink Penguin
    Nathan Strange
  4. 54. {painted Pink Sky}
    Lillian Jamison
  5. 55. Like A Beautiful Pink Camellia
    Francis Duggan
  6. 56. A Posy Of Pink Roses
    David Harris
  7. 57. 0013 Pink Without Think
    Michael Shepherd
  8. 58. Visit Malaysia Year Poem - Cameron High..
    john tiong chunghoo
  9. 59. Black And Pink*
    James McLain
  10. 60. The Hot Pink Shoes
    Patti Masterman
  11. 61. The Pink Ribbon
    Dorothy (Alves) Holmes
  12. 62. Pink Is Her Turtle
    James McLain
  13. 63. Pretty Pink Oysters
    James McLain
  14. 64. Stripe Me Pink
    David Harris
  15. 65. Pink Butterflies
    Saiom Shriver
  16. 66. Pink Swastika
    James McLain
  17. 67. My Pink Poem (Written With My Pink Pen)
    Dorothy (Alves) Holmes
  18. 68. Pink Plastic Princess.....
    karen sinclair
  19. 69. Pink Flower
    Peter S. Quinn
  20. 70. Pink Pearl Necklace.
    James McLain
  21. 71. Haiku Pink Of Perfection
    Jonathan ROBIN
  22. 72. The Pink And Orange Hues Of Evening Sky
    Vishal Sharma
  23. 73. Pink Azalea
    Kim Unsong
  24. 74. I Saw In Your Eyes Pink, Pink Rose
    Ratan Bhattacharjee
  25. 75. Shocking Pink Underwear
  26. 76. 7 Deadly Pink Roses
    Delilah Miller
  27. 77. Insomniac’s Tale And Pink Milkshake
    Michael Knight
  28. 78. Pink
    Shreya Nair
  29. 79. Pink Dolphins In Amazone
    Altair Laahad
  30. 80. Madras Eye (Conjunctivitis, Pink Eye)
    Indira Renganathan
  31. 81. Red Lips, Pink Lips, Black Lips
    James McLain
  32. 82. Into The Pink Moon
    The Wind
  33. 83. Pink
    christian williams
  34. 84. Pink Cadillac In The Country
    Marilyn Lott
  35. 85. Shades Of Pink
    David Taylor
  36. 86. Pink Panther
    Aldo Kraas
  37. 87. Travel Haiku - Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas
    john tiong chunghoo
  38. 88. Pink View
    James McLain
  39. 89. Oysters Pink One Half
    James McLain
  40. 90. I See The Red Pink Nebulas Of Orion
    Gert Strydom
  41. 91. 'Pretty In Pink'
    Ray Lucero
  42. 92. The Astrologer Sitting With The Pink-Nec..
    Bijay Kant Dubey
  43. 93. Pink Or Blue?
    Stevie Taite
  44. 94. Pink Slippered Angel
    karen sinclair
  45. 95. Pink
    Mary Jesusa Villegas
  46. 96. A Wold Made Of Pink
    Mia Peterson
  47. 97. The Sky Is Pink
    Taylor Nichole
  48. 98. Pink Little Comb
    .Pd. is here
  49. 99. The Pink Briefcase
    Nancy Chambers
  50. 100. The Emo In Pink
    Kate Fuelleman

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Pink Poems

  1. A Giant Pink Penguin

    Unlock all the doors To your imagination Reject all the crap This world wants you to swallow And let out all the weirdness that this world hates… ... ... ... Now picture A giant pink penguin Sitting right next to you… Can you see him? He's smiling at you

  2. {painted Pink Sky}

    My eyes set their gaze across the horizon The sun is setting in late fall afternoon Cold snap in the air as the leaves swirl about A welcoming view is the painted pink sky Streaks of pale blue dotted with white Have been suddenly brushed with a soft pastel The beauty is breathtaking, such natural artistry I am in awe of the painted pink sky I think of you now, how magnificent it would be To find ultimate and much needed serenity Wrapped up in your strong arms in loves sweet embrace To be held by you under the painted pink sky

  3. Like A Beautiful Pink Camellia

    Like a beautiful pink camellia that's how you appear to me That bloom in chilly August on it's dark green mother tree So bright and fresh and pretty in the wintery wind and rain That's how you've always looked to me and that's how you will remain. The beautiful camellia flower that blooms fresh and young today In two or three weeks if that long will have gone into decay For flowers have such a brief span they quickly fade away But in sixty years of living your beauty with you stay. I feel privileged and grateful for to have you as a friend And I will love you and respect you until my life will end You are warm and kind hearted and well loved and well known And it's due to you and to you only that into a better person I have grown. You are wise and quite intelligent and beautiful to behold And you don't have a gray hair on your head and you never will grow old And on your sixtieth birthday you still look beautiful to me Like the young and pretty pink flower on the green camellia tree.

  4. Font Color='Dark Pink'♥ Daddy, How? ♥

    How am I supposed to be myself, Daddy When you want me to be someone else? How am I supposed to act like nothing fazes me, Daddy When you're the one that breaks me down? How am I supposed to be strong, Daddy When you're the one that makes me weak? How am I supposed to love, Daddy If you're the one that teaches me to hate? How am I supposed to care, Daddy If you dont even care at all? How am I supposed to spread my wings and fly, Daddy If you keep me in this cage? How am I supposed to leave, Daddy If you never let me go? Tell me, Daddy...... How?