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Racism And Violence - Poem by Hebert Logerie

Racism is the deadliest form of cancer
For our society, it is a serious danger
Racism is a form of terror
Racism is a cancerous disease
It is about ignorance and prejudice
It is in the streets, it is in the air
It is volatile, it is everywhere.

Racism is like a chameleon
It is a fatal and lethal weapon
Racism is a form of hatred and bigotry
It is a false sense of superiority
By many ignorant goons with a light pigmentation
It is about false ideologies and strange perception
It is about being evil and using unfair practices
It is about discriminating on false pretenses.

Not all obnoxious racists lack some forms of education
Many of them have advanced degrees, their contention
Is that those steadfast fools want to protect the status quos
They create all types of standard in order to block
Or prevent Non-Whites from reaching their potentials
They discriminate, humiliate, make fun of and mocked
Anybody that they consider weak intellectually
Or inferior. Racism is about hate, greed, and bigotry.

Racism is about prejudice, shame, and ignorance
It is about not giving somebody a one-time chance
It is about not second guessing. They just start shooting
Killing, destroying, discriminating and annihilating
Racism is about insecurity, and putting up blocks
Some Caucasians and others feel better than or superior
To Asians, Indians, Africans, Afro- Americans or Blacks
Those Whites have a mental state which is inferior
Deficient, weak, hollow, feeble, unstable, and challenged
Regardless, many Whites will die as racists; they will not change
And others, who are quietly biased, will be a bit tolerant
But they remain very dangerous, by being secretly defiant.

Racism is a deadly illness, a cancer
Racism about being rude and unfair
To other people by treating
Them badly, differently
And inhumanely
By poking them with a toxic syringe
Racism is to lead a rambunctious mob
Against someone who is innocent
Racism is to hire an African to do a job
And then creating a hostile working environment
Because he or she looks different
There is nothing good about racism
It is a form injustice, violence and fascism.

Copyright © November 4,2015 Logerie Hébert, All Rights Reserved
Hebert Logerie is the author of several collections of poetry.

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