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What A Nice Life I Have....[personal; Retirement; California; Marriage] - Poem by Bri Edwards

It's true, as someone recently suggested, that I, Bri, have a pretty nice life.
Of course I might not feel like I have to continue continuing my life if it weren't that I have a wife.
And not just ANY wife; you understand? The one I have now is very special.
That bears repeating (especially since I can think of no other rhyme) . My wife is VERY SPECIAL.

Not that money equals a good life, BUT here's what I say about cash.
After 3 divorces and having a daughter (a doctor now) , I'm still not broke. I am not talking trash.
Of course I could not live where we do NOW, if it weren't for my 'new' wife's deep pockets.
No more, to save a few pennies, do I feel the need to unscrew light bulbs from their sockets.

That's a joke, don't ya know? BUT I used to wear a hat indoors just to keep warm.....
in winter in a tiny retirement apartment, while hundreds of crows in the trees outdoors did swarm.
I gave up my 15 year old Honda Civic, and walked most places I wanted to be.
But now, living under my wife's roof, we use the Prius which she sometimes shares with me.

There was a time, when I left my first marriage, that I lived almost in a cave,
and I took a second job and ate hot dogs and spaghetti to more dollars save.
Now I live more comfortably; I no longer sleep on a cardboard-padded floor
and, to enter 'my' home now, I use a normal-sized human portal, instead of an overhead door.

My dear 'dove' cooks our yummy supper meal with ingredients healthy and delicious.
Compared to in some of my 'bachelor' days, my meals are much more nutritious.
Though I still hang on to some shirts and underwear at which my 'dove' looks down her nose,
I have, to a large degree because of my dove, a good selection of 'NOT-HOMELESS-LOOKING' clothes.

And that's not all! With the encouragement and guidance of my dove, I'm healthy.
I need no prescription medications; it's much better than being a sick person who's wealthy.
And I'm retired and have a reasonable annuity from the Postal Service.
I've lots of free time to do things I'd rather do than work. AND I'm very seldom nervous.

I learned to play a little bit on my dove's shiny piano. Happy Birthday To You.
If I get cabin fever in our small-but-nice house, we have a very nice outdoor screen house too.
We have a large-screen TV, and though we don't pay to see any TV shows,
we use it most nights to view library movies, and it's pretty on its own when, blue or purple, the big screen glows.

There is great habitat around our property for my beloved wild birds.
The enjoyment we have viewing them at feeders and such I won't describe in words.
And tell me about convenience! Why it's only a twenty minute walk
to downtown to the drug store where I take my blood pressure, and where, outside of store, to a homeless friend I sometimes talk.
And it's about the same distance to reach the community center to check my weight,
while nearby is the library where I buy used books and take out movies which are rarely returned late.

And I have a few good friends, from my past, with whom I communicate;
some live in other countries, and others are in U.S.A. but in another state.
My parents are 'gone' (an interesting term, but in fact it is very true) ,
but at times I speak by phone with my siblings, and at times to my daughter too.
I also have two Compeer friends, a couple of men ‘my age' who have a bit of mental illness;
I enjoy speaking with them by phone each week, helping to break what may otherwise be (for them and/or me) stillness.

The weather's nicer (many would say) in California, where i now do reside.
It's certainly much different from New York State, where the winter snow, often, the ground does hide.

I enjoy a new issue of The Week magazine to read almost every week.
In it I read of world and national news, and read what others write or speak.
There are sections which make me laugh, and some might make me cry …. (except that I'm a GUY) …….,
'talk' of art, books, movies, TV, food, and travel, and words and photos of homes to buy.

And I almost forgot a recent addition to all the things that make my life so nice.
I joined (for free); each day I like to try to visit it once or twice.
There I can submit, for approval or disapproval, many of the poems I have written.
And I can read and comment on what others have submitted ……. about their lives, or God ……, or their kitten.

OOPS! ! ! I almost forgot to mention, once more, what should be mentioned both first AND last:
I owe much of my nice life to a loving wife; I may be the SAIL, but she's the MAST.


Comments about What A Nice Life I Have....[personal; Retirement; California; Marriage] by Bri Edwards

  • Gold Star - 48,083 Points Jez Brul (6/26/2018 9:57:00 AM)

    Hi sir, is out of season now..I can bake you a special seaweed pie..only for Bri..🤣😂😆 (Report) Reply

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    0 person did not like.
  • Gold Star - 108,197 Points Bri Edwards (6/25/2018 11:50:00 PM)

    (cont.) .. Brilliant? is that the BEST you can say/do about it? you could at least bake me a mango pie and send it (with ice cream, coconut-flavored please) to me in California! ! but i shall TRY to live on without them. #2 you say? you ask? i shall have to oblige you, ..........when i get around to it! thanks. bri :) (Report) Reply

  • Gold Star - 48,083 Points Jez Brul (6/22/2018 10:02:00 PM)

    Thank ypu for sharing this bographical poem, sirBri....Brilliant...
    I did enjoy your story...part 2, please! ! ! ! (Report) Reply

    Gold Star - 108,197 Points Bri Edwards (6/25/2018 11:47:00 PM)

    dear Jez, in trying to find my poem by Googling bri edwards What A Nice Life I Have[ i was successful ]....i discovered that my poem is listed as one of PH's poems about the topic retirement. good. there are probably some 'bad' poems on the same list of 'retirement poems'. ha ha. i shall now respond to your stingy, ...but sweet, comment, HERE, and send a copy of response to your Inbox. thanks. (cont.) ..

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