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Havoc (Sad... But True)

People blubber and they babble,
it is sad to say, but true,
about the dumbest things,
that mean exactly nothing.

Sometimes hearing isn't good enough,
people need to listen,
while neither one is perfect,
one requires effort...
and one doesn't.

When no one else will bother,
that 's when ears are needed most,
when life seems good beyond all reason,
- - - is not the time to coast.

I believe it's called complacency,
forgetfulness about the past,
we've moved past ' Nine - Eleven ',
until shocked into remembrance,
... we will blubber and we'll babble,
about exactly nothing!

With a world full of news,
we will hear about celebrities,
... that even aren't celebrities,
just spoiled kids that have no purpose,
other than to be on our T.V.'s!

Revisionism tells us,
that there was no holocaust,
- - - just movie propaganda,
according to a simpleton,
- - - that runs Iran today!

Our fathers friends are still alive,
the British and Americans,
Canadians and Australians,
and millions of the Russians,
... not to mention slaughtered Jews,
... made the whole thing up!

If you listen to that simpleton,
Hitler was the second coming,
and a truly, loving man!

It is one outstanding myth, I guess,
and I wonder if someday...
they'll tell a tale of nothingness,
about two towers in a place,
called New York City.
... that never did exist!

North of Jersey,
south of Boston,
east of most of Pennsylvania,
and due west of common sense.

Terrorism, as they called it,
was a fight for staying free,
... to allow those human beings,
to believe what they believe.

A few within 6 Billion,
assumed themselves so proud,
that they felt they could tell everyone,
if they could spawn a mushroom cloud,
... exactly how to live!

There's the very definition,
of what the world today calls ' Terrorism ',
that everyone keeps asking for - - -
... BUT, the term that you are looking for,
... is ' criminal '!

They will never go to trial,
because, they only have one view,
and they will die to prove it,
... sorry, I got it slightly wrong,
the term is ' criminal insanity '.

It isn't their religion,
it is what they do to it,
and why the true believers don't,
do more to stop what they are doing,
is a mystery to me!

The hard times that we sometimes live through can leave us in a sea of sadness. Good people around us are those who help us overcome these challenges. Many popular poets from around the world have written so many poems about this feeling and how to overcome it, such as; "Solitude" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, "We Wear The Mask" by Paul Laurence Dunbar, and "It was not Death, for I stood up" by Emily Dickinson.


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