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The Golden Rule (For Back To School) - Poem by Luke Easter

My oh my, is it already that time?
Books, pencils, erasers, the lunch line,
Teachers, students, Cleveland Schools,
Let us not forget, “The Golden Rule.”

I know there are several so, where do we start?
Our Father in heaven looks straight to the heart,
Remember, it is the fiery darts of the evil one,
That will separate us from the love of His Son.

No surprise that church is the right place to begin,
If you don’t believe me just ask Deacon Anderson,
Whether you’re a senior or starting out in “K, ”
The first lesson learned is the need to be saved.

On Calvary hill, Jesus our Savior paid the cost,
Accomplishment means little if your soul is lost,
Let us recite the confession found in Romans 10: 9,
If you’ve never done this before, now is the time.

In order to protect ourselves from Satan’s flames,
I Thes.5: 17, “Pray without ceasing” in Jesus’ name,
Talking with Sister Mary and Reverend Bob,
Then we, “Put On The Full Armor Of GOD.”

King David went to battle with a sling and 5 stones,
However, by no means was this warrior ever alone,
Defeating a foe who looked mighty when standing tall,
With the power of God every mountain is subject to fall.

No matter how big the giant you one day might see,
Whatever circumstance Luke 8: 50 say’s, “only believe, ”
2nd Corinthians 5: 7, “we walk by faith, not by sight, ”
Zech.4: 6, “the Lord’s spirit, not our power or might.”

Start a new trend this fall in the year of our Lord 2008,
How about putting a good foot forward never being late,
Our very best behavior, you should always strive to be,
Adopt the motto, everyone will only see the Jesus in me.

Now you have it, long before the bell of your first class,
Carrying the rule of righteousness, you’ve already passed,
Beginning on day one every student starts out with an A,
With “The Golden Rule, ” it’s not hard to keep it that way.

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