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Shopping Trail - Poem by john tiong chunghoo

she purrs; 'tea sir, please try
this tea. it is good for health,
japanese tea' so gentle, articulate
and musical to the ears, i thought
somebody should make her a secretary
she would be any office's perfect tea,
flowing with her grace and charm

'sir, sir, mastercard, here are
the free gifts- sport cars model.
lifetime free credit cards. here the gifts.
please sign up. i need some
commission for the Chinese
new year.' so truthful the boy
i thought he would be better off
a priest. signing up just so that
he can get some commission?
he's too truthful to be good for anything
free membership but one only knows
what a credit card means when the
monthly bill docks the door

'do you want a lady? do you want
a lady? do you want a lady? you want a boy? '
yes, they try to gauge what
you are and would sell you anyhing
possible in a redlight district -
even though all you want is to learn
a thing or two about the place
you are caught in a situation
where you have to run before
they really sex you up for what
you dont really want

you found the reality of life
- nowhere else is an anatomy
as mercilessly and shamelessly
sold - even the unhealthy ones -
outdoing the best abbatoir and
the morning markets

'take a stone sir for the new year
to bring new luck. what's your
birthdate. here is the gemstone
book, see what the astrologer
has to say.' But then your
nemesis is - you had bought
so many stones which all fail
to give any colours to your life
you thought every dollar you save
from now would be a gem itself

the fortune teller cum fengshui master
out to make the fortune of his day
excitedly points out: ' i know you are
in a bad patch of your life. now if you
dont mind can i visit your house? a tip or two
on the arrangement of rooms,
things will change your luck and life.'
mom zestfully told me the other day
a fengshui master unsuspectingly
told a woman who has made a great
fortune after moving into a new
house the same thing

fengshui quacks after fengshuing
clients'wealth in the direction of their pockets
really left what they promised to them
- a bonanaza of wind and water, a
thunderstorm to wreck havoc in their life

'here, here is a fine longines automatic sir
and at a fraction of the original ones.
it is as real as the real one and only US50.
no problem, works as good as the real
ones.' the time seller kept on a real sales pitch.
the man unthinkingly bought and sure enough
the glass case dropped off a week
later - showing him, time again, how
real a fake can be.

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