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'Tiger Woods' His Eagle Has Landed Due To Sex & Buddha? - Poem by Luke Easter

Amazingly the Eagle has unofficially landed on Wednesday12/02/2009,
An accident early Thanksgiving Day clipped Tiger’s wings in his prime,
What is it that brought down this bird flying above the stars set on high?
Well, lets just say that even in a Cadillac SUV, Eagles should not drive.

The only thing that could even remotely make this mortal an average guy,
No one alive is immune from everyday sins and transgressions here’s why,
The higher you climb the more jealously seals your coffin with a rusty nail,
And his human persona was undermined by an indiscretionary voice mail.

There’s more to this incident but exactly what is the bottom line going to be?
Great as Mr. Woods is he’s no different away from his fame as you and me,
The evil one is equally as busy on millionaires as he is on dollars and cents,
That is right! Whether you own a mansion on in an apartment you owe rent.

Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsk and the “dress” Eldrick did obviously forget,
The President of the most powerful country had to face the nation in regret,
If only Eve hadn’t eaten the apple there might not have been over 300 text,
Doing what none in the world could do he put a noose around his own neck.

Somewhere there is a phrase about, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, ”
Being a Stanford grad and past history you would think he was forewarned,
Soon the walls began to crumble, the story leaks, when the end approaches,
Alleged lovers and all the tabloids begin to appear like an army of roaches.

There will be many twists, takes, turns to this incident, here is yet another,
Tiger was estranged from his father Earl for fooling around on his mother,
Okay! Please remember to be careful when you dig a pit for someone else.
Why? Because more often than not you just might fall in that ditch yourself.

Mark 8: 36, 'What shall it profit to gain the whole world and lose your soul? ”
It’s very unfortunate that there’ll be many first hand who will come to know,
So, if you think it is all about money, your title or prestige better think again,
And start with the love of GOD, your family, the church and faithful friends.

Lust has nothing to do with love, just selfishness, control and mucho greed,
I do not want you to have Elin sweetie because I only want you to have me,
But! Now that the cat’s out of the bag I simply have to sell my story honey,
After all sugar it was never really about you it was always about your money.

As these women do talk shows and the covers of Star and People Magazine,
Every strand of hair in place, perfect make-up and teeth professionally clean,
With hankies sobbing, “we’re good girls, not home wreckers” oh yes you are,
And if life was scored like the game of golf you’d all be 2,000+ years over par.

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger the most recognized face on this earth or any other planet,
It’s tame next to the Super Bowl breast of the 2nd most famous Jackson, Janet,
Endorsements have catapulted you to the stratosphere where there is higher loft,
And now you know what all humans know, that there is more to life than golf.

Governors Eliot Spitzer, Mark Stanford and now Mr. Eldrick Tiger Woods,
Romans 7: 18 reminds us, “inside the flesh dwells nothing that’s good, ”
King Solomon’s greatest riches or even Samson’s strength or power,
Yeah! Not some mighty foe but their own sins would destroy & devour.

This is not to condemn through unrighteousness by dropping anyone’s name,
No matter the position there’s a good chance to get caught playing this game,
Tiger’s loss of million dollar sponsors, everybody is so curious and concerned,
Till we began to fear what God’s wrath may be there’s still more to be learned.

Also, many questions arise about his family whether or not Elin gets a divorce,
Not to be rude but like everything else this is putting the cart before the horse,
This sponsor, those commercials, the yacht, real estate & jet, all want to know,
Al Sharpton wanted him to have affairs with Black girls but nada about his soul.

Al called Tiger a racist because in his harem he had no African American honey’s,
The, 'good' reverend felt they too should sell their stories in exchange for money,
Eldrick fell from grace, among the stars, through clouds, to walk with ordinary men,
And all the, “man of God” could think of, let Black women profit from adulterous sin.

Al also said Tiger should be like Black hero’s Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King,
Why? Well, when they had affairs it was with their own race. That was a good thing?
Hey Tiger, maybe the first thing you should do is find a circle of God fearing friends,
Otherwise, your Eagle that has landed might never take off for another flight again.

When there is no fear of God or eternity in hell this it what anyone should do,
If you have an affair let it be with someone who has as much to loose as you,
Yeah, neither should they mind weeping, wailing, always grinding their teeth,
Now answer this question, 'Is anything really worth this kind of forever grief? '

12/11/2009 This Eagle flying Tiger has decided to take a much needed rest,
Not for the world of golf but for this endangered spices right now it will be best,
Yet, without the bible’s knowledge and wisdom again he just might fail the test,
This Tiger as all must understand, on earth we are only God’s temporary guest.

The entire sports world, family, friends, all of his fans, are somewhat perplexed,
At the end of 12/2009 there is talk of Tiger being treated for an addiction to sex,
Ok, should whatever therapy, counseling and reasoning sessions fail what next?
He needs to get it right the first time, training in the knowledge of scripture text.

Oh! By the way, there is no need to waste any money because the gift is free,
James 1: 5, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, given to all liberally, ”
1: 6, “But ask in faith, not wavering, unlike the sea, driven by wind and tossed, ”
Many have spent thousands yet without the word of God still you are still lost.

02/19/2010 Tiger had his first news conference and now I realize,
This infidelity, deceit, selfishness, manipulating attitude okay why?
He wants to get back to Buddhism the religious roots of his belief,
Well heck, it’s no wonder there is so much embarrassment & grief.

Anyone who breaks the very first Commandment of God is pure insanity,
So, Mr. Eldrick Tiger Woods needs to turn to true worship, “Christianity, ”
Paying homage to a creature instead of Creator caused it in the first place,
2nd Chronicles 7: 14, forgivness & healing only comes seeking God’s face.

Tiger made the ultimate slice putting the cart before the horse,
Resulting in the loss of family, respect, sponsors, this divorce,
Judging from Tiger’s play he is no more than a cub on course,
And it shall stay that way until he repents with honest remorse.

God has blessed you to be the greatest golfer the world has ever known,
And you repay the Father with prayer under the guise of Buddha’s dome?
Hey! Better wake-up because very soon your life will be over and done,
As kingdom entrance into the narrow gate is small as a par 4 hole in one.

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  • Rookie - 339 Points Prince Obed de la Cruz (12/3/2009 8:39:00 AM)

    I agree to mrs. catrina heart in here comment here. all i can say is that you have written a wonderful text. very fantastic. very well penned, sir. (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie Catrina Heart (12/3/2009 7:39:00 AM)

    simply amazing........................ (Report) Reply

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