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(harichandran) 04 The King's Wedding (I) - Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

After paying tax, other kings left.
King Harichandran then kept
For counseling a few courtiers
On some important matters.

By then, some hermits
Stood at the palace gate.
With their pious faces
In their ascetic dresses.

He rushed up to the gate
And fell at their feet.
With all the due respects,
He offered them proper seats.

He said, “It’s my fortune,
And my good deeds alone,
Brought Your Holiness
To this humble place.”

“What’re the holy places
Also the holy rivers
You’ve visited so far?
In what condition they’re? ”

They replied, “We’ve come
From the Kannoj Kingdom,
After our bath in holy water
Of the famous Kandagi river.”

“There we heard about you
And came here to see you.
King Chandradayan is
The ruler of that place.”

“He’s an ardent devotee
Of Shiva, the Presiding Deity,
And a daughter was born
To him with His boon.”

“For her matchless beauty,
He named her Chandramathi.
She’s known for her chastity,
And her feminine modesty.”

“Her spear-like beautiful eyes,
Her sweet melodious voice,
Her black, thick, lock of hairs
Added to her charming face.”

“She has a sharp chest
Above her slim waist.
Her pretty swan-like walk,
Spoke of her majestic look.”

“With a *thali, she was born.
It’ll be visible to only one,
To whom she’ll be married.
This, Lord Shiva promised.”

(*Thali = A nuptial knot
tied around the neck of
bride by bridegroom at
the time of marriage)

“We came here to tell you,
She’s an ideal wife for you.
No doubt, you’ll like her,
When you go and see her.”

The words of the hermits,
Into his ears, strongly hit.
As destiny played its role,
In love with her, he fell.

“Oh Sages, I’m eager,
Right now, to marry her.
Your help, may I seek.
Can you initiate the talk? ”

“It’ll be our pleasure,
Oh King, to go there,
And after the talk,
Here, we’ll come back.”

After their departure,
He thought of his future.
Cupid’s arrow shot him well,
Into love sickness, he fell.

Crossing forests, rivers
Mountains and plains,
To Kannoj the hermits went
And the king, they met.

The King Chandradayan,
Got up from his throne,
Prostrated before them,
And gave a royal welcome.

They told, “Oh king, listen,
We met King Harichandran,
Of the Ayodhya Kingdom.
About Chandramathi, we told him.”

“We found him eligible,
The one most suitable
To marry your daughter.
He awaits your answer.”

The King told, “The man
Who sees her thali is the one
To marry her, is laid down
By Lord Shiva as a condition.”

“I’ll invite him here.
Also you bring him here.
Let the Lord of Heaven,
Take His final decision.”

Thro’ royal messengers
He sent invitation letters
To all the kings to come
For the selection of groom.

Kings of every state
Came there in haste
With all pomp and show
And camped there in a row.

Harichandran had heard
What all the hermits said
When they returned back
After their marriage talk.

He went then in his chariot
To take part in the event,
Followed by his ministers,
Soldiers, horses and elephants.

Sage Vashista arrived in
A white special palanquin,
To sanctify the function
With Vedas recitation.

There was a procession
To mark that occasion.
In front soldiers marched.
Elephants, horses went behind.

Many hermits and sages,
Irrespective of all ages,
Came to bless the function,
This being a rare occasion.

Colorful umbrellas, flags,
The sound of bugles, drums,
Elephants carrying maids,
Thrilled the processions.

Harichandran camped near
The famous Komati River
With his soldiers, horses,
Elephants and chariots.

It was time for the sun
To set in the west then.
At the river bank site
They settled for the night.

To the trees, horses were tied.
The elephants were chained.
For stay, tents were erected.
For light, torches burned.

Outside, the moon light
Made the night bright.
For sleep, went everyone,
Except King Harichandran.

Comments about (harichandran) 04 The King's Wedding (I) by Rajaram Ramachandran

  • Gold Star - 358,132 Points Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (7/6/2009 9:36:00 PM)

    It was time for the sun
    To set in the west then.
    At the river bank site
    They settled for the night... great leend story and good write... (Report) Reply

    0 person liked.
    0 person did not like.
  • Gold Star - 10,874 Points Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black (2/18/2009 5:18:00 PM)

    When did King Harichandran live? .Also Cupid is the Roman name for the Love god.I know he's a very ancient diety named Eros or Phanes-was he included in the ancient myths of India. What is a bund? Thanks.10 (Report) Reply

  • Rookie - 86 Points Ashraful Musaddeq (10/14/2008 10:08:00 PM)

    Aha! What a nice composition.
    Love it.
    10+ (Report) Reply

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