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Wedding Day - Poem by Edith Nesbit

The enchanted hour,
The magic bower,
Where, crowned with roses,
Love love discloses.

'Kiss me, my lover;
Doubting is over,
Over is waiting;
Love lights our mating!'

'But roses wither,
Chill winds blow hither,
One thing all say, dear,
Love lives a day, dear!'

'Heed those old stories?
New glowing glories
Blot out those lies, love!
Look in my eyes, love!

'Ah, but the world knows -
Naught of the true rose;
Back the world slips, love!
Give me your lips, love!

'Even were their lies true,
Yet were you wise to
Swear, at Love's portal,
The god's immortal.'

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    ... for richer, or for richer still, in status or in wealth, in parenthood or career opportunity, for as long as my current commitments permit, I take thee...

  2. ^ The Wedding Of Mardi Gras And Pantomime

    When Mardi Gras wooed Pantomime they danced through all the streets, the gods, whose Credo was the time sent fireworks as treats. As time does not stand still, you see beauty unlocked the door allowing spirits to be free and scribes record the lore. From New Orleans to Times bright squares Verona, then to Rome ignoring gawkers and their stares so far away from home. With sequined costumes everywhere spark-lit harlequinade, of apple shapes or stately pear enlivened the charade. As slapstick played with comedy Toto digging out yellow road bricks, and under the rainbow's canopy there was Lion who juggled his tricks. ***************************** Paparazzi were shuttled in lenses clicked at the dropp of a pin. There was always a crush for celebrity lush, cover page means you fight 'til you win. Many dwarves did attend the event, Mardi Gras, in a wagon or tent. Pantomime at the door for today and for more, 'twas Uranus who claimed love is meant. Pink chrysanthemums tickling the paws of Koalas (to flaunt local laws) , there was Tarzan who stripped, a much shorter, tight-lipped Popeye Sailor, who's singing the Bla's. Theatre audiences, all were in awe crowds were screaming, 'Mesdames, nous adore' came Dionysos too and the Socrates crew Cleopatra not wearing a bra. *********************************** As blue smoke pirouettes to the sky, and the quivers from Burgundy moan, there's a lady who flashes her thigh and a tightrope surrounded by stone. Gays in gowns then assemble, true Queens, with their bitches performing as maids Monkey saw, monkey do dancing scenes of CanCan in their petticoat shades. Seven dwarves with Snow White and fresh tears, Pantomime on a horse of pure white, dressed in blue are the three musketeers bearing lanterns to light up the night. Cinderella threw slippers, she knew, there would come a young lad to her aid, not a mermaid she needed her shoe her two sisters preferred masquerade. Twas a wedding to beat all events, as white rabbits tossed roses around, there was Romeo, near the big tent little Blueboy asleep on the ground. There was art, there was craft on the stage and the witch had brought Haensel to town and trapezes swung high in a cage, Big Bad Wolf was dressed up in a gown. On the banks of the river so blue Papa bear from the Yellowstone Hills, little Bambi andSkippy the 'roo, they were smiling amidst all the frills. ************************************** When Mardi Gras wooed Pantomime and led her out the door, she turned and said: ' I give this rhyme, myself, and so much more; I pledge my body and my soul to you my Mardi Gras and if you like I shall be whole, discard my finest bra, and, like a wedge of Maasdam Cheese I slip right in between, to have you kiss my cleavage (please) outside the mens' latrine.' ********** So now you've learnt the history of how these lovers met, and not a hint of misery a perfect match was set. When LOVE itself joins hand to hand no end will ever come, and all of us must understand the music of our drum. A Co-Production by: Emancipation Planz and Herbert Nehrlich © 2009

  3. The Reiver's Wedding

    O will ye hear a mirthful bourd? Or will ye hear of courtesie? Or will ye hear how a gallant lord Was wedded to a gay ladye? 'Ca' out the kye,' quo' the village herd, As he stood on the knowe, 'Ca' this ane's nine and that ane's ten, And bauld Lord William's cow.'- 'I swear by the light of the Michaelmas moon, And the might of Mary high, And by the edge of my braidsword brown. They shall soon say Harden's kye.' He took a bugle frae his side, With names carved o'er and o'er - Full many a chief of meikle pride That Border bugle bore- He blew a note baith sharp and hie, Till rock and water rang around- Three score of moss-troopers and three Have mounted at that bugle sound. The Michaelmas moon had enter'd then, And ere she wan the full, Ye might see by her light in Harden glen A bow o' kye and a bassen'd bull. And loud and loud in Harden tower The quaigh gaed round wi' meikle glee; For the English beef was brought in bower And the English ale flow'd merrilie. And mony a guest from Teviotside And Yarrow's Braes was there; Was never a lord in Scotland wide That made more dainty fare. They ate, they laugh'd, they sang and quaff'd, Till nought on board was seen, When knight and squire were boune to dine, But a spur of silver sheen. Lord William has ta'en his berry brown steed- A sore shent man was he; 'Wait he, my guests, a little speed- Weel feasted ye shall be.' He rode him down by Falsehope burn, His cousin dear to see, With him to take a riding turn- Wat-draw-the-sword was he. And when he came to Falsehope glen, Beneath the trysting-tree, On the smooth green was carved plain, 'To Lochwood bound are we.' 'O if they be gane to dark Lochwood To drive the Warden's gear, Betwixt our names, I ween, there's feud; I'll go and have my share: 'For little reck I for Johnstone's feud, The Warden though he be.' So Lord William is away to dark Lochwood, With riders barely three. The Warden's daughters in Lochwood sate, Were all both fair and gay, All save the Lady Margaret, And she was wan and wae. The sister, Jean, had a full fair skin, And Grace was bauld and braw; But the leal-fast heart her breast within It weel was worth them a'. Her father's pranked her sisters twa With meikle joy and pride; But Margaret maun seek Dundrennan's wa'- She ne'er can be a bride. On spear and casque by gallants gent Her sisters' scarfs were borne, But never at tilt or tournament Were Margaret's colours worn. Her sisters rode to Thirlstane bower, But she was left at hame To wander round the gloomy tower, And sigh young Harden's name. 'Of all the knights, the knight most fair, From Yarrow to the Tyne,' Soft sigh'd the maid, 'is Harden's heir, But ne'er can he be mine; 'Of all the maids, the foulest maid From Teviot to the Dee, Ah!' sighing sad, that lady said, 'Can ne'er young Harden's be.'- She looked up the briery glen, And up the mossy brae, And she saw a score of her father's men Yclad in the Johnstone grey. O fast and fast they downwards sped The moss and briers among, And in the midst the troopers led A shackled knight along.

  4. The Wedding Band

    The girl smiled and said: What is the secret of this gold ring, the secret of this ring that so tightly embraces my finger, the secret of this band that sparkles and shines so? the man was startled and said: it's the ring of good fortune, the ring of life. Everyone said: Congratulations and best wishes! the girl said: Alas that I still have doubts about its meaning. The years passed, and one night a downhearted woman looked at that gold band and saw in its gleaming pattern days wasted in hopes of husbandly fidelity, days totally wasted. The woman grew agitated and cried out: O my, this ring that still sparkles and shines is the band of slavery and servitude.

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