Poet Unravelled

Poet Unravelled Poems

1. Endless Journey 10/10/2012
2. Self Aware 10/10/2012
3. You Make My Words Divine 10/10/2012
4. Total Disorder 10/10/2012
5. I Wish 10/10/2012
6. I Found The Reason Why 10/10/2012
7. Nothing 10/10/2012
8. Pain 10/12/2012
9. Tribute To Ms Subbhalakshmi, My Goddess 10/12/2012
10. She Is An Artist 10/15/2012
11. Bequeath 10/22/2012
12. Nothing, Something And Everything 10/23/2012
13. Shadow 12/6/2012
14. Abyss 1/10/2013
15. A Cynic's View 4/3/2013
16. My Beloved 7/29/2013
17. Words 8/6/2013
18. To You 8/11/2013
19. Bid Goodbye - I 8/14/2013
20. My Inner Mirror 8/26/2013
21. Mole On Your Eye 8/26/2013
22. Hope And Despair 8/29/2013
23. Between You And Solace 8/31/2013
24. Fear 9/24/2013
25. Translucent And Opaque 12/18/2013
26. A Perpetual Commotion 8/5/2014
27. Monotone 9/13/2015
28. Silent Scream 10/10/2012
29. What Am I 10/10/2012
30. Alive And Sane 7/31/2013
31. No More Lies 10/10/2012
Best Poem of Poet Unravelled

No More Lies

Sweet bliss and memories
Ethereal Land of no worries
Bright flowers and beautiful trees
Grinning breeze and your troubles cease.

Time lays its cold hands upon all
Flowers wither and to ground they fall
Bitter sweet truth breaks the ignorant wall
Its sad demise of innocence; it stood so tall

Reality strikes and opens your eyes
Nothing is bright anymore; Just grey skies;
There is no room for pretense; No disguise;
You are left with nothing; No more lies;

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You Make My Words Divine

I have lost all the will to rhyme.
Lost the measure of time.
I sit all day and think about you
And Wondering what to do.

When you are beside me, words flow like a silent river.
Trickling down my heart and soul and makes my pen quiver.
Now, I think and struggle all day to write a single line.
I need you now, I need you here; you make my words divine.

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