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I am 48 year's young, and married to my beautiful wife, Penny. We have two wonderful children, my daughter Amber, who is 16, and my son Ricky, who is 13. We have 2 spoiled Boxers, Cody & Bruce. I have just recently finished publishing my first book, its avaiable @ http: //stores.lulu.com/poison9901. It was an exciting journey, and I thank my wife and kids for putting up with me during that time. I am a Dispatcher for a local Redimix company and have been in the Trucking Industry for 24 years now. I was a Moderator for another Poetry site, and have decided to share my writing with others as well. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family here as well. I hope you enjoy my writes, I write mostly about Fantasy, Love, Sadness, and of real life events that have happened to me or to someone I have been associated with.
Thank you again, and enjoy.

Poison 9901's Works:

'Within the Realms of Dark & Light'
http: //stores.lulu.com/poison9901

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Who Am I?

I am a free spirited person who sees beyond the now

And one who express’s my views so that you to might see somehow
Most of all I’m a teller of stories from the present, past and beyond

Alone in my mind I’ll paint you a picture of a beautiful dawn

Drawing from the past and all that I’ve seen
Rendering all the colors the reds, blues and the green

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