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121. Street Lights 1/6/2018
122. Whisper In Woods 10/23/2016
123. Wishes 10/25/2016
124. Fragrant Night 10/28/2016
125. Rainbow 9/27/2015
126. Old-New Game 1/11/2018
127. Waiting 4/13/2017
128. Whirlpool 10/22/2016
129. Beyond 11/30/2015
130. Tides 1/21/2016
131. Drunk 10/3/2016
132. Soldiers 10/6/2015
133. You And Me 9/16/2015
134. Genius And The Sea 9/14/2015
135. Solitude 8/22/2015
136. Today 9/27/2015
137. Magic 3/9/2018
138. Flowers Forever 12/17/2017
139. Tree 8/8/2015
140. Some 9/5/2015
141. Auschwitz 8/8/2015

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Face on the screen
zoomed to close-up
sharpening labyrinth of
hundred wrinkles.
Eyes lost in a abyss
of the past.
Present permanently
crucified on dark memories.
Falteringly he narrates
Wrinkles dissolved in
the montage of bare trees
mixing in melancholic sky
as the icy chill slid
on railway tracks and
hangs on barbed wires.
Screeching of opening
cattle car doors.
Draconian chimneys blench
burnt songs of lives.
I switch off the face...
and my own face on
still grey glass looked at me.
I move around by four ...

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Everything here is different.
Different names for colours.
After much digging
you find nothing here.
A different tongue of
a stranger in the mirror.
Past is lost and searching
is nothingness.
They tell you 'forget it- '

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