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Biography of Practicing Poetess
As best she remembers, Practicing Poetess wrote her first poem at about the age of seven. Her mother saved a copy of some early childhood poetry, written in crayon, in her baby album. Practicing Poetess has written on-and-off since then, over the years. She takes her inspiration from a myriad of sources, including but not limited to her own thoughts and experiences, the experiences of others, and her very fertile imagination! As of this date, she has been a member of Poem Hunter for 6 months, and was selected for Member Poem of the Day on Friday 23rd June,2017, and again on Wednesday 25th October,2017. She was also just recently chosen for Member Poem of the Day on Wednesday 27 March,2019. This Bio badly needs updating.

How did she become a member on Poem Hunter?
From January 2017 through July 2017, Practicing Poetess's poems were read aloud weekly on Poetry Night over a radio station broadcasting from the UK. The Radio Presenter who hosted this programme has been off sick since July, and his show has been discontinued for the foreseeable future. The Presenter would read aloud either original poetry submitted, or famous classic poetry. On the rare occasions when she had no original poetry to submit, Practicing Poetess would use the Poem Hunter site to research well-known traditional poets. Once she made the commitment to take her writing seriously like a job for the radio station, her poetry PROLIFERATED! Awash in poetry, she made the discovery that she could create an account at Poem Hunter and begin submitting her own poetry there, as well. That's when she branched out, and began writing on a variety of topics.
Writing so much for the UK station and for PoemHunter has led to one of her poems becoming the lyrics for a composed song. But until it is recorded and performed by someone famous, she refuses to let the cat out of the bag, because it is still in the early stages! She is the lyricist, and collaborated with another composer.
Previous to being read aloud over the UK radio station, Practicing Poetess briefly read some of her work aloud over an open microphone at a Writers Group. Prior to this, she was a member of a sit-down Writers Group which met once a month in a church meeting room.
She writes song lyrics, her own greeting card poems, and particularly enjoys composing birthday poems for special people on their day, and presenting the poems to them as gifts.
Most recently, she has become involved with an art gallery which invites a writers' centre to peruse the art, and then to write poetry to accompany the various works of art. Owing in part to her long-standing relationship with this art gallery, the manager asked her to submit several of her poems to be studied by the artists, who will then create paintings corresponding to her poetry!

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