Pradeep Dhavakumar Poems

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Lost In Search

To view the life of another
I left known lands around me;
And boarded a naïve canoe
to search the map-less sea.


First, the Rain argued its case.
Then, the Sun reread its lines.
I sat on my balcony, on looking
and expecting the Rainbow's testimony.

The Resonating Note

I knew not of the place and time
Or the forces that lead me there
But stranded I was, in the dark
With a guitar, left, for my pair.

Man's Relationship With God

Would thou still stand before me? , asked God,
If I can no longer wash thy sins.
Would thou still read my scriptures? ,
If I can no longer offer thee a place in heaven.

On Guilt

Guilt is like
a Salmon: It sprouts
at a place of
pure, follows

Significant Or Not?

When I saw the mice inside a trap
Felt how helpless their life is.
And when I saw ants slowly pass by
Felt how unfortunate their existence is.

Sunny Breakfast

The cold Sun
soaked in thick tears
whimpered in pain,
in the vengeful

Table Fan

Quite a pair, we are
My table fan and me:

We both sit still,


Everest carved to hollow cone
Floored with finest beach sand
Stars grouped to a sparkling moon
And moon made to a table lamp

Winged Creatures

Winged creatures fully covered
in black robes, slowly circle
over my body and head.
I depend, on what they are: