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  • ''A Tree is Known by its fruits;
    A Man is known by his deeds.''
    To every one
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  • ''Education is a word which has all 5 vowels and makes a man as
  • ''A person with positive attitude can make something out of nothing;
    But a person with negative attitude can make nothing out of something.''
    Attitude is Everything
  • ''Life is not what we expect,
    It is what we don't expect.''
    Life Lesson
  • ''Bad may appear to be successful in the beginning,
    But later it fails;
    Good may appear to be a failure in the beginning,
    But later it succeeds.''
    Good always conquers Evil.
  • ''Morality is never achieved by education,
    It can be achieved only by religion (fear of god) .''
    Ethics and Values
  • ''A good man is always out spoken;
    Where as a bad man always speaks into somebody's ears.''
    Being Frank
  • ''Problems are the sign of living.''
    Symbol of Living
  • ''It is better to have the company of the people
    of values rather than valuables.''
    Know your Company
  • ''It is our attitude which decides our altitude.''
    Attitude is Everything.

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The Child

The Child

This is the antique master
To teach ultra modern man
Of science and technology
To receive every one with open heart
To treat everyone equally
To smile at everyone
To share his feelings in open
To help others who are in need
To speak the truth in all occasions
To love others like himself
To be kind at all
To share his things with others.

In my opinion he is the search-light
For all human beings under the sun.

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To My Darling

To My Darling…

When our bodies are so near,
Our hearts are so far;
When our bodies are so far,
Our hearts are so near;
When our hearts are so near,
Our souls are so far;
When our souls are so far,

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