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Prakashsingh Rajput s/o Shishupalsingh Raghunathsingh Rajput, born on 24th October 1954, is a resident of Vijaypur city. He did his diploma in electrical engineering and worked in corporates and then as a contractor for KEB Vijaypur. He is a multilingual poet, with mastery over Hindi and Kannada and also versed in Urdu, Marathi, Gujrathi, English and Russian. He has a number of poetic works to his credit. He has translated: Shri Basaveshwar's 1051 Vachanas into Hindi and 450 into    Marathi.188 Vachanas of Smt. AkkaMahadevi into Hindi,100 Vachanas of Shri Allam Prabhu into Hindi,52 poems of Shri Shankar Katigi's ' Dattu Davani ' into Hindi, Dr. Harivanshrai Bachhan's ' Madhushala   into Kannada and Marathi, Doha's of Kabeer Das, Tulsidas and Raheem into Kannada,20 poems of Emily Dickinson from English to Hindi,30 poems of Vishwaranjan and 22 poems of Shriranga from Hindi to Kannada,   Shri Jagdish Tosniwal's Marathi book ' Andharatun Prakashakade  ' as ' Ujale ki Oar' into Hindi; ' Sadguru Mahima ' (Hindi) into Kannada, Manacha Mahima (Marathi) into Hindi and Kannada, Marathi ' Karunashtake ' of Shri Swami  Samarth Ramdas into Kannada.  He published his Kannada poems under the title ' Baalin Raaga ' which is selected by the Department of Central Library of Karnataka. As a multilingual poet well versed in  several languages; he has written and published a number of English poems. He has published his poems in Samyukhta Karnataka, Karmveer, Yugdharma, Priya, Yuvarashmi, Nishigandh, Nadoj, Nagrik, Kannada dheer, Basav Marg, Hosatu, Voice Of Kolkotta, Poet's International, The World's Children's Literature. He has published his English poems on Poemhunter which are duly reviewed and copyrighted and the poem ' Mother ' was celebrated as the poem of the day on 3rd March 2017. His collection of English Poems is available as e-book on poemhunter which can be downloaded and printed-out. Two of his Kannada poems have been published in the Kannada Anthology by the Sahitya Academy, Karnataka, the regional branch of Sahitya Academy of India for promoting regional languages.
           He has participated in numerous poetry programs from time to time. He participated in All India National Poetry Recitations, programs, festivals, conferences in Jabalpur, Nasik, Pune, Bangalore and at state levels in Pune, Bangalore, Belgaum, Vijaypur and Mysore. He has been broadcasted in several radio programs ' Balu Butti ', Swalpukeli, 'Chintan ',   on A.I.R. from Vijaypur. Nauras 2015 and 2016 on A.I.R. Dharwad. Television channel DD Chandan telecasted him twice in the program ' Belagu '. Other than poetry, he has prepared a 3000 years universal calendar which was shown on  'Surabhi' program on National DD  and DD Chandan channels. Lahiri Cassette Company, Bangalore, recorded and released his cassette of poems. Himself a singer, he performed Kannada Gazal singing at Mysore Dussehra festival.


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Gazhal 2

Everyone's earning, just burning fire
Both in and out of fire it enquires

Our religion our caste make history vast
It's written by our blood and of making an empire

A quarrel of haves and have nots to own

The things unseen by any means before retire