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Pranab K. Chakraborty Quotes

  • ''Poetry serves to those who have been suffering for poetry.''
    Pranab k c
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  • ''Poetry and propaganda quiet different expression to penetrate human mind. Sometimes, when time needs, poet feel some direct say to share with other social members of human society. Poet simply take part with this activity by poetic form due to his/her conscience. But such uses are very much limited. Propaganda needs simply slogans, it never tries to think of aesthetic. Aesthetically enriched propaganda.... really hard to grab!''
    Pranab k c
  • ''Common people generally don't like to read poem but they very much fond of fighting by the name of Heroes from story of the epics created by poet's. Even, common people think those characters are real from history condemning the reality by name of religion. Yet poet's are alone and deserted by the social lights.''
    Pranab k Chakraborty
  • ''Ifs and buts are the basic components to form no-poetry and poetry demands those components which eternally undefined yet within the objects of the universe living and non-living...!''
    Pranab k c 20/03/2016
  • ''Life and Light, the main stations poetry perhaps always wants to reach. It depends on poets efficiency to give poem a successful journey to reach its destination. Perhaps....''
    Pranab k c
  • ''Death is the highest poetry written by the nature herself. We simply observe its unfolded expansion. Poet who writes of death, also the great imitator of nature. No other entity could be differentiated from her.''
    Pranab k c
  • ''Poetry may be considered sometimes as a manifesto by special demand of social people, but poetry all time should be considered as the manifestation of human feelings.''
    Pranab K Chakraborty
  • ''Long is not too long as you show your victimised waiting. Waiting has no parameter to achieve a bull by its fighting arena where no one except your own desire!''
    Pranab k chakraborty
  • ''Poem you write is not the whole
    Poem between lines tells much your abstract!''
    Pranab k c
  • ''Sometimes life itself reflected much beautiful than poetry. Try my best to capture that soil of no-word.''
    Pranab k chakraborty

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Best Poem of Pranab K. Chakraborty


Pranab k c

what you see not truth
what you hear not truth
what you feel not truth

what you tell not truth
what you write not truth
what you express not truth

what is truth
beyond all organs of senses
what is truth
relative to your perception
and ultimately
truth is that
what you can't think of

all these telling
collected attentively
from a hidden cave
of my dream!

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Pancreatic Panorama

Visualizing the demonic transformation of my casual habits deconstructing rather it perforating through the consuming conscious

I know very well this writing would not serve your pleasing enjoyment
I know very well it will not bring any ephemeral feather to take
the flight through eternity

it's a demonstration of my hunger to have a passage just to dislocate
existence with not-fallen hazards

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