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Rookie (23-October-1992)

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(English is a second language to me so please ignore my mistakes)
Hey. I am just another guy from the crowd who wants to do something different. I play guitar, sing and write songs. I am sometimes a poet too. I play/write for my self satisfaction.I dream to make a band and Bring Back Grunge! one day.

Grunge is not at all a type of music to me. It's was a Revolution! About small scale indie-artists from Seattle in the late 80's who didn't give a damn about what the record companies in L.A. thought. They just played music for fun. Money and fame didn't matter. Grunge is a source of inspiration to me. Every independent artist, no matter what music he/she/they make, is GRUNGE!

Apart from all this I'm a funny guy (I think) . I might be weird sometimes cause I'm a loner. I like staying alone in peace listening to extreme alternative music.
I believe when I plug in my headphones, the world's mouth is shut. I love making friends but emotionally, I'm usually pale. Very easy to fool me, but hard to get away. ;) Updates

A Heavy Hearted Sight

A radio screams another love-lost song through the frosty air.
The lightening conducts a grand orchestra of tyranny.
A weary cat can be heard hissing in the distance.
A 'lost' teenager finds his ways home in the curfew.
You can hear the beginnings of a quarrel drenching the misty night.
These feverish ill doings-
It all-
An instrumental quarrel-
Just another night,

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