Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla

Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla Poems

81. Threatening Instead Of Trying! ! 5/11/2017
82. Computing My Love 5/19/2016
83. Just Because I'm A Girl! ? 7/15/2016
84. At Last I Fell In Love.... 10/13/2015
85. To Ma'am With Love.... 12/10/2015
86. Rain 5/3/2016
87. When Frozen Thoughts Melt..... 11/22/2015
88. Your Dreams Are Mine! 2/3/2016
89. I Wish! 5/6/2016
90. Recipe For Disaster 9/26/2015
91. You - Thy Own Ally 9/29/2015
92. Feeling Proud Of My Motherland 11/11/2015
93. Where Affection Is Weighed In Kilos And Grams 11/4/2015
94. I'm Addicted To You 5/4/2016
95. When You Are Alone, Single And Deserted 11/6/2015
96. Life- A Painting 9/26/2015
Best Poem of Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla

Life- A Painting

At birth our life is like a plain canvas
and our potential is the colours,
Our decisions is the sketch
our will power is the paint brush,
The strokes on the canvas are our choices,
a very special effect is given the every time we're wise;
The affectionate relations we maintain becomes the out line,
The love and joy we share becomes the frame
Our attitude and creativity is a lamination
At last, all these results into a beautiful creation.
at death, this canvas is either considered a treasured master piece
or an unnoticed ...

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Recipe For Disaster

A cup jealousy,
when kneaded with sorrow and depression,
then mixed wih envy
is the initial step of preparation.
Taking a spoon of revenge,
then dissolving in a glass of evil thoughts
Mixing it with the previous paste of grudge
and grinding it well with abominable things of such sort
If it is grinded with hatred,

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