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81. Rain 5/3/2016
82. Just To Make Them Think! 12/30/2016
83. Threatening Instead Of Trying! ! 5/11/2017
84. Computing My Love 5/19/2016
85. Just Because I'm A Girl! ? 7/15/2016
86. To Ma'am With Love.... 12/10/2015
87. At Last I Fell In Love.... 10/13/2015
88. Recipe For Disaster 9/26/2015
89. When Frozen Thoughts Melt..... 11/22/2015
90. I Wish! 5/6/2016
91. You - Thy Own Ally 9/29/2015
92. Feeling Proud Of My Motherland 11/11/2015
93. I'm Addicted To You 5/4/2016
94. Where Affection Is Weighed In Kilos And Grams 11/4/2015
95. Life- A Painting 9/26/2015
96. When You Are Alone, Single And Deserted 11/6/2015

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When You Are Alone, Single And Deserted

When you are alone,
single, deserted or lonely at home
when the climate is silent and calm without any sound
or when you feel that there is no one around,
then when you can experience
presence of darkness and the dark night's essence,
even the tick-ticks of the clock can be heard,
along with the sounds of cricket that never goes tired;
When you are scared or frightened
hair-raised, afraid, tensed or panicked,
at that same time when you hear breeze knocking your door
and the staring of the big eyed owls makes you scared and bore,
the pressure and ...

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Recipe For Disaster

A cup jealousy,
when kneaded with sorrow and depression,
then mixed wih envy
is the initial step of preparation.
Taking a spoon of revenge,
then dissolving in a glass of evil thoughts
Mixing it with the previous paste of grudge
and grinding it well with abominable things of such sort
If it is grinded with hatred,

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